Kilometers Traveled – 10
Hours in Car with Children – .5
Unscheduled Potty Breaks – 0
Belikins Consumed – really, who's counting? 
Current Location – Cahal Pech Pool Bar - San Ignacio, BZ
Wireless Internet – Yes. I was able to post the entry for Day 3 today! WooHoo!!

We arrived in San Ignacio at dusk after a lovely drive through the Cayo district, past acres and acres of orange groves and small farms. After seeing some promising signs, we followed the directions up the hill over San Ignacio to the Cahal Pech archeological Site and Resort. We checked into a small efficiency apartment with two bedrooms, a sitting room and bath. The kids hit the pools immediately. Rob settled into the bar and chatted up fellow travelers Stan and Jenny, a father and daughter team from Arkansas. They had just arrived in town, raving about a town on the coast called Hopkins, the cultural epicenter for the Garifuna, their history, language and most distinctly their music. Hopkins is not on our itinerary but sounds fascinating.

The next day we slept in a bit. As Day 4 had been a whirlwind of activity, I had planned to make this a slow day to give the kids (and Rob) a well deserved break. Finally having access to internet, I tried to catch up on some work and writing. The kids spent the day in the pool with some local children and Rob made a new friend, Dale, father of three beautiful little girls.

Cannonball !!!

Rob and Birdie

Kids being kids

View from the pool over San Ignacio

Dale and Rob

Dale paid us the great compliment of inviting our family to his home for dinner and of course, we eagerly accepted.

The treacherous road down from Cahal Pech into town

Dale and Rob sharing Belikins, Belizean 1 Barrel Rum and stories.

Mr. Clive Geban - Firefighter, bodyguard, chef and gentleman.

Rob breaking out the Crooked Tree Cashew Wine which turned out to be absolutely delicious......from what I recall.

The home of Lupita and Dale.

Lupita getting ready for dinner.

Making friends over orange Fanta.

Fresh stop top tortillas and canned beans.

What's better than a cardboard box?

Hugs from Daddy!

The chef at work.

BBQ chicken, coleslaw, canned beans and fresh flour tortillas.

Rob thanks our host with a fine gift - his favorite NY Giants cap.

Our thanks to Lupita and Dale Gillette for welcoming us into their home. It actually brings tears to my eyes when I stop to consider the generosity and hospitality we have been blessed with by this beautiful family and so many of the Belizean people we have met in our travels. We come away changed - better people for the experiences we have shared.


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