Kilometers Traveled - 65 by car, 25 by boat
Hours in Car with Children - 1
Unscheduled Potty Breaks - 1
Belikins Consumed - 16
Current Location - Lamania Riverside Retreat - Back Office
Wireless Internet - don't be ridiculous

Woke up bright and early, excited about our trip to Lamanai. Had a simple Belizean breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans and fry jacks at the Lamanai Riverside Retreat and piled into a serviceable panga with our fellow travelers, MacKenna and Jason from Oregon. Our guide for the day, Ignacio, knew the river like the back of his hand and stopped periodically to point out various critters living on its banks. The first leg of our journey would bring us to another pick up spot where another tour group, all shipped in from San Pedro, would board. Upon discovering that they all paid $140 usd to our $40 usd per person, I was glad I planned all of our excursions to originate from the mainland.

MacKenna and Jason making their way through Mexico, Belize and beyond.

Birdie and Ignacio

The trip down the New River to the lagoon that is home to Lamanai takes about an hour

ugarcane processing plant.

Non- mechanized Menonite Community at Shipyard

The river is teaming with wildlife and I have hundreds of pictures in the gallery. When we return to Playa, I will do a separate post dedicated to the amazing array of flora and fauna that we encountered in our travels.

Lamanai, Maya for Submerged Crocodile, is beautiful. Because we are fortunate enough to live on the Riviera Maya, we have easy access to many archeological sites. We have explored Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Ek Balam among others. I read a post on a message board a few days before we left from a traveler who was, as she describes herself, “ruined out”. Truth be told, I was a little bit afraid I might fall into that category as well. My doubts were quickly assuaged as soon as we made our way into the dark, lush jungle.

The Mask Temple

The High Temple

View from the top of the High Temple over New River Lagoon

View to the cowards below

Keep smiling and don't look down!

Small Maya Ball Court

Cole finds friends everywhere


The stela represents "Lord Smoking Shell"

The Jaguar Temple rises out of the mist.

Howler Monkeys in the trees above.

Lunch time!!!

A traditional Belizean lunch - stew chicken, rice and beans, plantains and coleslaw.

Jason and MacKenna after a day in the jungle.

Birdie on the look out for crocs.

Cole takes his trun.

We are rewarded with a sighting just moments from our dock.


Upon our return, Birdie made herself useful helping Lorena behind the bar.....

....and making new friends.

Rob chilling with Raul Jr.

Bungi - A terrific bartender and host!

This bell was rung several times in celebration of another wonderful day in Belize and new friends made. If you ever have the chance to visit this area, be sure to stop in and say "hello" Stay for the night if you can. The tour was wonderful. The owners and staff are so friendly and welcoming. A special thanks to Raul Sr. for letting me invade his back office to write and use the internet. I wish we had more time in our schedule to spend with them and explore their Orange Walk. We will be back.

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