Kilometers Traveled – 107
Hours in Car with Children – 2.5
Unscheduled Potty Breaks – 1
Belikins Consumed – 11
Current Location – D’ Victoria, room 5, Orange Walk, BZ
Wireless Internet -  "Not on Sundays, dear"

Got to see our hotel by the light of day and found it to be quite charming.


…perhaps, stuck firmly in the 1950’s…but charming.

After a fine breakfast of eggs, waffles and fry-jacks we took off to explore Corozal. Dispite the fact that Corozal has well over 8000 residents, this being Sunday, we saw about 12 of them…total. Unlike Playa del Carmen, which is completely reliant on tourist dollars, mainland Belize completely shuts down on Sundays. No stores, no restaurants…..nothing.

There is no fine line between the "haves" and the "have nots" in Belize.

The road to Corozal, like the majority of the roads in Belize, is for the most part unmarked. With my crude map in hand, we followed the bends in the road making sure we were on the right path.

Sugarcane is the predominant industry in this region. Acres and acres of sugarcane fields line the road south to Orange Walk. The route was absolutely void of traffic other than our car and the huge trucks transporting the cane to the processing plants.

Moving closer to Orange Walk, the cane fields slowly give way to farm land.

The town of Orange Walk, we had been warned, has little to offer tourists. A few budget hotels and a handful of restaurants catering to the few travelers starting their Lamanai River adventure in town rather than being bused in from Belize City.


A quick turn toward the river brought us right to the base of operations for the tour company, Lamanai Riverside Retreat, and the only open restaurant in town. Luckily, the location could not be more picturesque, the bartender friendlier or the Belikins colder. Perfect.

Of course we stayed for lunch.

Some of the best nachos I have ever eaten.

Birdie enjoying her conch ceviche

Creole Conch

Rob and I as seen by Birdie

A quick game of dominos with Dad

We had no trouble finding a room at one of the two hotels in town with a pool (important to the kiddos). This hotel, D’Victoria easily takes the prize for “seediest hotel I have ever stayed in by choice” but it was clean, offered a room with air-conditioning, three beds and a hot shower. OK.

In all fairness, this picture makes the hotel look MUCH nicer than it is.

After a quick swim and a shower, we piled back into the car to explore the other side of the river. We drove east 8 miles to Honey Camp Lagoon which is apparently Orange Walk’s answer to Lake George or the Jersey Shore.  Dozens of families, all crammed into their pick-up trucks, brave the dodgy road out to the lagoon to spend their Sundays off swimming, sunning, fishing  and drinking beers.

We found a tame deer who used Cole as a salt lick. You don't see that everyday!

Beautiful sunset on the way back into town.

Dinner at the only operational restaurant in town brought the added benefit of the worst karaoke EVER….

...tender grilled conch.....

…and pet crocodiles.

Well, you certainly don’t see that everyday. Tomorrow - Lamanai.

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