Last week, John and Libby (In the Roo) gave me a V.I.P. Smart Card to try out in my travels around Playa. While I saw this a great opportunity to check out some restaurants that I had never been to before, I still managed to gravitate to a favorite local eatery for my first go around using the card. Rob and Stewart and I had a nice lunch at Hole In The Wall Deli, one of the many restaurants and services that accepts the V.I.P. card. Rob and Stewart both tried the Thai Chicken wrap accompanied by a Southwest salad. I chose the Souvlaki Sandwich on a soft warm pita with fresh Tzatziki. Everything was well seasoned and delicious. The service, as always, fast and super-friendly.

Hole in the Wall Deli on 1st Ave. near calle 12

Do you know what these bags of water are for?

The deli case is always well stocked with meats and prepared salads.

Vale had never seen the V.I.P. Smart Card before but was happy to apply the 15% discount to our bill simply asking that we sign his copy of the check for Karen and Greco's review.

Stewart and Rob.

Paying for lunch!

Our three sandwiches, salad, one soda, two naranjadas and a virgin mary totalled $250 pesos after the discount. Not a bad deal for a great fast lunch.