Having behaved well Wednesday night at the La Ranita gathering, I awoke bright and early yesterday morning, excited about spending a glorious day on the "Catamaya" with 50 or so of my very closest virtual friends. I put on one of the cute new suits that Rob just brought back to me from the States and my new black beach dress (that makes me feel almost as chic as all those 20 something Italian girls who frolic around at Mamitas Beach). As I was dropping the kiddos off at school, I noticed a slight breeze in the air and thought to myself "Ahhh, a perfect day for a sail."  Apparently, the harbour master had other ideas. With my plans for a day on the water dashed, I had breakfast at Pinche Gringos with Libby, John and Judy and then set off to enjoy my free day on the beach. Here are some pictures I took while walking from Mamitas south to Captain Dave's.

The road down from 1st Ave. to Mamitas Beach is finally getting the attention it needs. This is due, no doubt, to the construction of the luxury condominiums at Aldea Thai.

An exciting day for kiteboarding at Mamitas.

Looking north from Playa Chicita Beach Club, past Kool to Mamitas and beyond. The condition of the beach here is terrific.

Completely gratuitous. Forgive me.

The beach club at The Royal. This is about 10:00 in the morning so I was surprized to see so few towels down.

The beach club at The Gran Porto Real.

Fishing boats getting tossed about.

Pelicans waiting for a meal.

This feathered fellow was happy to pose for a close-up.

The future site of El Taj Beachfront Condominiums. They are just breaking ground now.

The now famous Playa Palms.

Ocean Plaza Condominiums nearly complete.

The Blue Parrot Beach Club.

La Pirata.

Corto Maltes Condominiums and Zenzi Beach Bar/Restaurant.

The site of El Faro Luxury Condominiums. At least they let the lighthouse stay.

The very chic club at Mosquito Beach.


Fusion Hotel and Beach Bar.

The new beach club, BANG! They seemed very nice and eager for new business.

The beach is erratic between the piers. It goes from this......

.....to this in the space of a hundred yards.

The Jewel of the Seas enjoying a rough day off-shore.

Man, myth, legend...Captain Dave.