Today, our oldest son turns 15. Not surprising as last year he turned 14, so one can draw the logical conclusion that 15 will come along. What I didn't expect is the huge change that 15 brings. Boy to man in a year. This year, 15 was celebrated with a new cool skateboard, a dozen books, (all specifically requested) a mountain bike and a day of Interplaya futbol with his family and their goofy friends. Today's match pitted Interplaya against "Teo's La Firma". This year our team is sponsored by the distributors of Sol beer. The opposing team is named for (what sounds to be) a local titty bar. That being said, today, beer won over boobs, 4 - 0.

Mom and Len, Kristie and Dave, Michael and Dave: We miss you all and wish we could be with you for these special times. Here are some pictures from our day.

A small but enthusiastic crew.

Corbin, Connor and Rob

Charlie and Milo. Sweet wigs!

"La Hormiga"

Creapy Half-time Entertainment......and Michelle.

Future Interplaya players. Birdie's friend, Wendy, was playing in this half-time exhibition match.

Heather and Michael (Caribe Sunrise)

The Interplaya Drum Corps. I think they are finally starting to warm to the crazy gringa with the camera.

Cole and Cola.

Milo and Connor. Both with bad hair.

Larry, Kenny and Keith


The beautiful Miss Abbigail.

The Fluty Family!!

Connor with Maggie and Corbin.

Maggie's brother and his adorable son.

Michelle and English Geoffrey.

Interplaya wins!!!!

Really, the biggest winner is Connor who has come a long way in just one year. Happy Birthday indeed!!