Just today, I read a post on a popular local message board from a member called "JJS" detailing several of the things in Playa del Carmen he found "overrated" by fellow forum members. While, I did agree with a few of his list items, (I too find the blueberry margaritas at Babes to be just awful) one stuck out like sore thumb. This particular poster found Bad Boyz on the Beach not at all what it was touted to be. While this assessment could easily be put off to a bad night, I was there on that particular evening and I have pictures to prove it! Unfortunately, the thread was locked before I had a chance to respond and post some of the highlights of the evening in rebuttal. JJS, if you are out there, THIS is what you obviously missed on Thursday February 21, 2008 at Bad Boyz on the Beach.

We had so much fun on Thursday, that we went back for more on Saturday afternoon. Here are some photos of the action on the beach. Lots of friendly, familiar faces.











Yeah, you're right. That wasn't fun at all.