This just in from Bill Mabra and BG Realty in Chemuyil.

Greetings from sunny and warm CHEMUYIL MEXICO!


March 1, 2008 Chan Chemuyil homes will have a price increase from $39,900usd to $49,900usd

Now before everyone gets their (you know whats) in a wad--we are going to this price so that we can INCLUDE many things that everyone pays separately for right now.

The new price will include ALL closing costs ($5000usd) and also will include the following items:

-Water heater installed and hot water line run to the kitchen

-Gas tank, gas lines installed and gas tank filled and ready for connection to stove and connected to water heater

-Electric conversion to 220v

-Water deposit paid and city water turned on

-Electric deposit paid and electricity turned on

-Home cleaned, repaired if necessary, and power-washed

-Screens installed for all windows

When you add everything up we are only really having about a $2500 to $3000 price increase and now when someone buys they only have to purchase furniture, appliances, and AC if they want it to move in. This is truly a MOVE IN price as a person could literally move in when we are done.

SPREAD THE WORD---March 1, 2008 the new price goes into effect

Any contract in, either in person or via scanned/emailed and dated PRIOR to March 1, 2008 will obviously be honored.  Any contract dated March 1, 2008 or later will be at the new price without exception. 

Until next time . . . 

Kind Regards,

Bill Mabra


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