Dear "Life's a Beach" readers and customers: 

This just in from the Sheldon Good Auction House regarding the upcming auction of the units at Marina Mia in Puerto Aventuras: 

"Dear Auction Participant:

We are very pleased to announce that the registration of Marina Mia in New Jersey is filed and expected to be approved shortly. This registration allows for our simulcast of the auction to New Jersey and allows prospective purchasers who prefer not to travel back to Mexico for the auction to bid from a location in the United States.  In order for us to put this location officially into the auction and to soon be able to send information to residents of New Jersey, the seller has authorized an
extension of the auction date to Saturday, March 29th.

Please keep in mind that the date of this auction continues to fall in the spring vacation season and travel arrangements should be made in advance in order to obtain preferred hotel locations and airline pricing.

We continue to be available daily at our auction information center at Marina Mia to answer any of your questions and to show you representative model condominiums from now until the auction.

Sheldon Good & Company
Auctions, LLC "

For more information and to register yourself for this auction, please contact us at or call Rob at 518-632-1116.