Superbowl Sunday 2008, a day that will live in the hearts and minds of Giants fans around the world. We staked out our seats early sat PG’s, feasting on Jamie’s great food and sucking down non-alcoholic beverages. The temporary ban on alcohol did not dampen anyone’s spirits and soon, the bar was packed to the rafters with rabid fans.

Mallagh amused the kids and himself with a few games of dominos.

The Fluty family.

New friends Jennifer, Jeff and his wife, Kathy.

Horns! That’s a great idea. (Ours mysteriously disappeared shortly after the game.)

John (In the Roo) and Andy (Peanut Animal Shelter)

Tom and Rob. You’ll want to note that my darling husband is still smiling at this point. Let's call this his "first half game face".

Rob and Abbigail. Rob still smiling

Birdie and Michelle.

Chris – fellow real estate developer in Playa and Cool Canadian.

Connor with John and Libby (In the Roo)

Rob and Edie.

Jason (Fantasea Dive) will not love me for this picture.

Cole with the beautiful Carmen and Stuart.

In case you all don't know this already, my husband is the biggest, most loyal Giants fan in the world. (Well, certainly in Playa del Carmen) We have not missed a game all season. Let it be known: Rob absolutely had the Giants winning this game. Not a doubt in his mind. Please enjoy the following series of photos.

This is Rob’s “second half game face”. We were concerned he was going to stroke out at any minute!

Stewart took these photos. I've run to the car to get the portable difibrillator.

Paddles charging.........

Happiest man in Playa!

Congratulatory phone call to Eli.

I'm not congratulating him.....I'm checking his pulse and respiration!

Jorge and Mallagh, satisfied with the results.

A high-five from Connor!

The money shot.

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