Yesterday, Connor and the kids from Papalote joined the other private schools in the area to compete in the Interscholastic Games at Villanueva Stadium. Boys and girls from Yits'atil, Manuel Acosta, Monteverde, Puerto Aventuras and Papalote vied for medals in the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put and 1 kilometer relay among other events. Here are some photos from the event.

Mexican Flag Ceremony.

It was a 2 latte morning for Rob.

Teachers from Papalote, Yanett (Playgroup) and Luciana (Music).

Yes, the torch is a can of sterno shoved into a cardboard cone. (Insert "Chariots of Fire" soundtrack HERE)

The Manuel Acosta Cheerleading Squad.

Pretty Paplote Girls.  Bring it!!

Birdie with friends, Carl and Aidan. Carl's daughter Megan was competing for Yits'atil.

Sharky and Maria's daughter, Skyler.


Connor in the staging area with his pal Pato.

Our head of school, Claudia, cheering on the troops.

Connor takes a third in the 100 meter dash!!!!!

This one's for Ashley ;)

Proud siblings looking forward to competing in a few years.

The big winner!! A job well done!!