Yesterday, Rob and I assisted one of our customers in the purchase of one of the two bedroom bungalows in Chemuyil. The homes are selling quickly, as anticipated, and I thought you all might enjoy seeing some photos of the homes that have been most recently purchased, painted and furnished.

Amazing what a little color will do!

The sales office and center of operations is up and running. This is the base camp for all the activity in the neighborhood.

Here are some pictures of recently purchased and now occupied homes.

We stopped down to the beach at Chemuyil, Xcacel. Although it was a cold and rainy day, the beach was as beautiful and peaceful as ever.

The beach is cared for by a lovely Mayan family. A small donation (10 pesos) is suggested for entry to help support the family that looks after the area and its treasured inhabitants, the turtles. Xcacel is a protected turtle sanctuary and nesting area. Each year, local school children are invited to the beach at night to help release the tiny turtles into the sea.

After all the paperwork was signed, we took our customer for a quick drive through the pueblo of Chemuyil. This has to be one of the prettiest little towns on the Riviera Maya. The residents take such pride in their homes and the town itself. There are loads of landscaped gardens and green areas, playgrounds for the children and even a sports field with covered bleachers for local baseball games and soccer matches. I spotted a small school, a library and even a rather nice pizzeria, “Leo’s”.

In closing, my thoughts on the homes in Chemuyil are this: If you CAN do it, you should seriously consider purchasing one or more of these little gems. All said and done, after closing costs, you are buying YOUR OWN HOME, less than a 10 minute walk to one of the most pristine beaches in the region, for about $45,000 usd! The homes are being delivered with all the necessary repairs done, clean and ready to finish and furnish to your needs. The developers live onsite and are ready, willing and able to coordinate any work you need to have done including accepting delivery of appliances and furniture. The neighborhood is really starting to transform with all the homes getting a fresh coat of paint and owners starting to plant and landscape their yards. I understand some folks have had a hard time wrapping their heads around the project, maybe because it seems too good to be true. I really think, if you love the Riviera Maya and visit time and time again, this is an opportunity you shouldn't pass up.