Rob and I watched the early play-off game today at PGs. Great game with good friends.

Rob doing his best Grizzley Adams. Time to give that boy a trim.

Jill and Carlo aka Dr. Taco.


Just in case you think we all hang out on the beach all day, slathered in dark tanning oil and drinking my sister in law Jill and her boyfriend Milo. None of us are getting enough "beach time".

Milo's new tatoo. (My sister in law's name is Jill Marie.......swoon)

Michael and Steve checking out the new menu.

Jamie's new menu. Good prices, great food including his famous shrimp tacos!

Scottish Jimmy and Jamie - the handsome devils behind PG's.

Laura, Jen and Andy. Jen and Andy (rarely seen with out one of their charges in tow) are the force of nature behind Playa's Peanut Animal Shelter.

Meghan and friends in town visiting Isaac.

Jason of Fantasea Dive and Troy (At least I think his name is Troy. It is possible that I just like the name Troy.)

Not surprizingly, PG's is packed today!

Really packed!!

Jimmy...Jimmy....and friend.

John (In the Roo) and Steve (PlayaMayaNews). Que guapos!

Now to important man business.

Jorge setting up the pool!!

It's OK Mercedes, our numbers sucked too.

.....and that's all she wrote. The Pats are going to the Superbowl !!


Postscript: We watched the late game, our New York Giants v. Green Bay, at home with the kids. NY Giants v. NE Patriots !! Superbowl 2008 !!
Rob can barely contain himself. He will be insufferable for weeks.