Hi all. I thought I would post some recent pictures of our own condominium project, Marina Turquesa, currently being completed in Puerto Aventuras. We are about to deliver another unit and we toured the job site just before the Christmas work break to go over our checklists and make sure we are all on the same page. We only have three units left to sell and now that the building is nearly complete, I anticipate they will go quickly. Enjoy the pictures.

This is the streetside and parking area of our project, Marina Turquesa on Privada Xel Ha in Puerto Aventuras.

The complex looks out over the first marina and the slips. The Catamaya is docked directly across from us. The three bedroom penthouse suites all have views out to the ocean.

This is the terrace of the 2 bedroom, second level condo we will be delivering this month.

This is the kitchen with breakfast bar, granite counter tops, stove/oven, pantry and refrigerator. We are still waiting for all the cabinetry to be completed. Apparently, it is impossible to build cabinet door and drink copious amounts of beer at the same time. Who knew? Guess which activity has taken priority on this project.

The bathroom vanities, sinks, mirror frames and shower surrounds are all crafted from polished Ticul. (Notice, if you will, the missing cabinet door below the sink....PUT DOWN THE BOTTLE DAMN IT!!)

It's hard to show just how pretty the Ticul is in a picture, but this comes close.

There are lovely built-in closets in all the bedrooms.

They will be far, far more lovely with doors, yes?

Are you starting to see a problematic theme running through this project?

These two guys hooted and hollered at me until I took their picture.

These are NOT the carpenters.

This project took a lot longer to complete than we ever thought it would. The process of developing and building, like everything else here in Mexico, is different and, at times, very frustrating. Language barriers and cultural differences both played their part. We learned a lot during the planning and the build of Marina Turquesa. There are many things we will do differently the next time around. We encountered obstacles and objections that we never would have foreseen. We made mistakes we could have avoided. When all is said and done, we will post a proper post mortem on this project for your reading entertainment. Until then, if anyone of you has an interest in doing development in Puerto Aventuras or anywhere on the Riviera Maya, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our experiences with you.....the good, the bad and the ugly.