I have NEVER seen Playa as packed as it was on New Years eve. I don't know where all those people came from. If this NYE is any indicator of what kind of year we are going to see in the real estate market, well.....buckle up. It's going to be crazy! Rob and I ditched the kids and went out on the town, camera in hand. The pictures really can't come close to showing just how thick the crowds were but it will give you an idea.

Rob and I get all dolled up for NYE in Playa!

Rob and I all dolled up and ready to paint the town.

La Palette

La Palette on Calle 8. The owners, Farah and Michael served a full house for two seatings with style. The special set menu for the evening was well excecuted with the exception of the fois gras which was sliced too thin and over cooked. We started with some delicious oysters flown in from Maine. They were cold, clean and fresh and had me missing New England. The bacon wrapped lobster medallion served on a bellini with saffron beurre blanc was delicate and tasty. The bacon served both to flavor and moisten the local lobster which is notoriously bland and dry. I chose the wild boar as my main course and it was perfectly cooked. Rob selected the duck confit which he touts as the best he has ever had.(Those of you who know Rob can imagine he has probably had his fair share of confit.) They offer the duck on their everyday menu which definitely warrents a return visit.

Eliot sings for his supper on 5th Ave.

Eliott sings for his supper on 5th Ave.


Perenial favorite, Byblos serves a full house. We will be there for Valentine's Day.

Palapa Hemmingway

The crowd at Palapa Hemingway spilled out onto 5th Ave.

Calle Corazon

Calle Corazon under a canopy of lights.

Playa NYE 2007

Fighting our way through the club zone on calle 12 and 1st Ave.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall packed to the rafters. It was a good night for Milo $$$.


Revelers at Deseo.

La Ranita

We finally made our way to La Ranita which was packed with friendly faces!

Kat, Rob and Keersten

Kat, Rob and Keersten.

Claire and Judy

Claire and Judy

As the rest of the young folks headed down to the party at the new, hot beach club, Zenzi, Rob and I headed home to kiss our kids and get some sleep. It's hard to be a grown up in this town. For more pictures of the evening, check out our Gallery. Happy New Year everyone!!