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This month, BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors is sharing our new “Why to Buy” series. In these articles, we’ll showcase different Riviera Maya destinations in order to highlight the perks of buying property in the area, according to our very own Riviera Maya real estate experts.

 Playa del Carmen vacation home

With its stunning white sand beaches, vibrant social vibe, booming cultural scene and laid-back vibe, the city of Playa del Carmen has become a hotspot for buying vacation rental properties as well as family homes and personal residences. Throughout town, you can find a wide variety of properties for sale at any budget, ranging from studio condos with “old Playa” style to large homes with lush tropical gardens.

But buying a condo or a house in a foreign country can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. To get you started, we directed some of our most frequently asked questions to Rob Kinnon, owner of BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors, to help you decide if buying property in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is right for you.

38th Street Playa del Carmen 


What makes Playa del Carmen a good vacation rental property investment?

Playa is by far the most well-known tourist destination in the area, and as such has the highest demand for rentals across all price strata.


Financially speaking, what makes Playa del Carmen a good place to buy a home?

There is a lot of inventory on the market in Playa at this time, and as such buyers will have the choice of many units to choose from at each price point.  Furthermore, with the level of activity in Playa, you have a much broader audience to sell to when it comes to selling your property down the road.  The obvious last benefit is that the demand for rentals is much higher in Playa del Carmen than most any other place in the area.

 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

Rooftop pool Playa del Carmen 


One of the big decisions when buying a home in Playa del Carmen is deciding which is the best neighborhood for you. The most popular, especially when it comes to vacation homes, are the Downtown area and the exclusive Playacar neighborhood. We asked Rob Kinnon for his take on the pros and cons of these areas:


What are the pros and cons of living in Downtown Playa?

The pros for buying in town are:

  • Generally you will be very close to the beach
  • Close to 5th Ave
  • Higher level of rental demand
  • Generally speaking newer units
  • Much higher amount of inventory to choose from


  • Smaller units
  • Noisier
  • Generally speaking no green spaces
  • Parking can be more difficult

 Affordable Playa del Carmen apartment

White hammock 



What are the pros and cons of living in Playacar?


  • Generally speaking larger units
  • More green spaces
  • Larger pools
  • Very easy to rent long-term (from 1 month to 1 year)
  • Tend to be a bit cheaper per square foot or square meter
  • Access to Playacar golf course
  • Access to the beach club at The Reef


  • Lower demand for vacation rentals
  • Depending on location, a car might be necessary to get to town and the beach
  • Has a more suburban feel
Ocean view bedroom


Playacar condo 


If you’re a non-Mexican looking to purchase in Playa del Carmen, you might be wondering about the process for buying property as a foreigner in Mexico. Yes, foreigners absolutely can buy property in Mexico, although we always recommend having a local expert on your side to help you find the perfect property then walk you through every step of the purchase process. If you’re interested in buying your next vacation home, vacation rental investment or residence in Playa del Carmen or any other part of the Riviera Maya, visit us at BuyPlaya.com

For the fourth time in Playa del Carmen, artist photographer Gary Dillard presented a stunning photography exhibition at Quinta Margarita Suites and Art Gallery. His particular photography techniques are the result of precise infrared photography.


In infrared photography, photos are taken on special cameras that have been modified to capture images within the infrared spectrum. These images are then converted and mixed with traditional color or black and white media to create a unique and eye-catching photograph.

Gary Dillard, photographer

From San Antonio, Texas, Gary Dillard has now been living in Playa del Carmen for 8 years. His 30 years of experience in photography are portrayed through his work, not only with infrared photography, but also with fine arts, scenic and portraits. Published twice in "Creative Photoshop" magazine, Dillard's photography instills a feeling of serenity while taking us to a world somewhere between reality and fiction.


Playa del Carmen's art community gathered last week for Beyond The Visible II at the Quinta Margarita art gallery, showing the artistic community that continues to grow in our beachside city. The art culture in Playa del Carmen is now becoming a part of our identity, and with events like last week's Gary Dillard Photography exhibition, last year's opening of the brand new and grandiose City Theater, and a variety of dance and theater festivals, we can only assume that Playa del Carmen's tourists and locals will now ask for more!





If you missed Gary Dillard's amazing photography exhibition and want to find out more about his fascinating work, he will be presenting some of his work this coming Sunday, March 20th at Quinta Alegria (at the corner of 5th Avenue and Constituyentes). You can also follow Gary Dillard Photography on Facebook to find out about his latest work and upcoming shows.

BuyPlaya Real Estate is always proud to support art and culture in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. For us, it's an honor to showcase all of the amazing things happening in our beautiful city on the Caribbean coast. Follow along with our blog or our BuyPlaya Facebook page to keep up with what's new in the local cultural, culinary and music scene in Playa del Carmen!









Andrea Ruiz Perron was born and raised in Montreal by a Mexican mother and a French Canadian father.  She studied cinema and photography in Argentina and Montreal, and has now been living in Playa del Carmen for a total of 6 years. Both her Mexican and Canadian roots are an important influence on her identity and how she perceives the world through her photography and writing as the content creator for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors www.buyplaya.com



Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/andreita_ruiz/

All photos by Andrea Ruiz Perron of BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors

Playa del Carmen’s cultural scene has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years, with a new city theater, plenty of free family activities, and non-stop community events. Just a few months ago, Playa del Carmen welcomed yet another beautifully designed space for culture and education: Sayab Planetarium.


The name Sayab comes from the Mayan word that means “endless vein of water”. The new planetarium is a scientific, technological and cultural center whose mission is “the social appropriation of knowledge through science”. The fascinating and colorful exhibits at Sayab are focused around four main principals: underground water, biodiversity, culture and space.


First, they have two workshop areas designed especially for kids (but grown-ups can enjoy them, too!) with workshops entitled Fun Science, Through Mirrors, Newton’s Disco, Fossils, Plastiball, Spiders, Non-Newtonian Fluids, The Microscopic World and Microscopic Bugs, along with 15 touchscreens with interactive games.


You can even experience virtual reality on your visits to Playa del Carmen’s planetarium! The virtual reality experience features adventures ranging from a roller coaster ride to a trip to Mars.


The museology area is dedicated to our region: the Yucatan Peninsula. Learn all about the caves, biodiversity and history of this stunning and mysterious part of the world.




Of course, no planetarium would be complete without a way to peer into outer space. Sayab Planetarium’s observatory features two impressive telescopes for gazing at the sun and other stars.




Outside the building is a beautiful jungle area with a learning path called “Sacbé” (which means “white path” in the Mayan language), an idyllic place to experience the plants and trees of Quintana Roo while learning about the state’s amazing wildlife.





The planetarium also has an immersion dome with several captivating films: Flight Adventures, Two Pieces of Glass, Invaders from Mars, Lamps of Atlantis, The Secret Life of Stars, and Mayan Skies. 



The auditorium seats up to 190 people, and features showcase conferences every Saturday.



Sayab also features a water museum, and soon they’ll be opening a museology room. They also host a variety of community events like a bike-a-thon, chess tournaments and more.

Sayab Planetarium is part of Quintana Roo’s state planetarium network, which also includes Yok’ol Kaab Planetarium in Chetumal, Ka’Yok’ Planetarium in Cancun, and Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium on the island of Cozumel, as well as two mobile units that make visits to smaller communities within the state of Quintana Roo.

We’re proud to say that we at BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors even made our own donation to support the new Sayab Planetarium! Here is Cristobal Carrión, Chief of Workshops and Museology, with our very own BuyPlaya plaque at the planetarium. We’re happy to support Playa culture!


Sayab Planetarium is open from 11am to 7pm, and closes on Mondays. It’s located just behind Plaza Las Americas, on Avenida Paseo Central between Avenida Kantenah (11 Av North) and 125.

At this time, all exhibits and most shows are in Spanish, but Sayab is able to provide English-language guides on request.

To find out about upcoming shows and exhibits at the new planetarium (and to learn some cool science stuff), click here to follow Sayab Planetarium on Facebook.




Laura Winfree


Originally from Virginia, Laura Winfree moved south of the border in 2005 to major in tourism at La Salle University Cancun. Today, she works as a copy writer for a local travel agency in addition to freelance blogging, writing and translating. Laura writes about her life as an expat in Mexico at http://gringationcancun.com and http://www.facebook.com/gringationcancun. Nightclubs and weekly beach trips are her favorite part of living in Cancun!



The 1st Aitana Foundation Golf Tournament is coming up this weekend! Hosted at the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Course in the Riviera Maya on Saturday, March 12, this charity golf tournament will benefit children with cancer and their families in our state of Quintana Roo.

The 1st Aitana Foundation Golf Tournament is a private event organized by Cancun Golf, and it will feature a delicious buffet, premium open bar and some pretty impressive prizes with over $100,000 pesos in raffle prizes. However, the most important reward is supporting the community – all proceeds from this Riviera Maya charity golf event will go to the wonderful Aitana Foundation.


The Aitana Foundation (Fundación Aitana) is a local Quintana Roo organization created to support children with cancer as well as their siblings and families. The foundation has a lovely house called Casa Aitana where the kids can go to play, have fun and leave their cares behind. Activities at Casa Aitana include swing sets, slides, a playroom, movies, arts and crafts, and more, as well as some memorable outings for the kid like field trips to the movies, cenotes, the beach, and even theme parks. (Click here to follow the Aitana Foundation on Facebook to see all the amazing work they do and the fun they have with the kids!) Participation in the upcoming golf tournament would help the foundation to offer even more joy to these small children and their families.



Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 72 course designed by world-renowned golf course architect PB Dye. It’s located at the beautiful Iberostar Paraiso Maya resort complex just a few minutes north of Playa del Carmen, an easy trip for a wonderful morning of charity golf.


The sign-up cost is $2,800 pesos per person, with a go-go and twosome formats available. For more details and to sign up, visit www.CancunGolf.com.mx If you have any questions, you can contact Cancun Golf via e-mail at info@cancungolf.com.mx or call them at (998)214-6538

And to keep up with the latest details on the event, click here to follow the 1st Aitana Foundation Golf Tournament on Facebook.




Laura Winfree


Originally from Virginia, Laura Winfree moved south of the border in 2005 to major in tourism at La Salle University Cancun. Today, she works as a copy writer for a local travel agency in addition to freelance blogging, writing and translating. Laura writes about her life as an expat in Mexico at http://gringationcancun.com and http://www.facebook.com/gringationcancun. Nightclubs and weekly beach trips are her favorite part of living in Cancun!



Over the years, Playa del Carmen has become not only one of the world's most visited cities, but also a cultural and culinary mecca. The world-famous 5th Avenue is home to a panoply of delightful restaurants, and many of the other streets and avenues in our beachside city have also earned the recognition of Playa's finest foodies. Located on 16th Street between 1st and 5th Avenue, a delightful luxury eatery called Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar started as a small idea by Chef Juan Diego Solombrino and soon became one of Playa del Carmen's finest restaurants.


Chef Solombrino, who is also the chef at nearby restaurant Imprevist, started by cooking a salmon directly on a cedar plank; fascinated by the idea, he decided to create different dishes based on this concept. Other techniques, like the use of Himalayan salt blocks and the art of gourmet smoking, were also added to the restaurant's culinary experiment, and the rest is now history.


This week, Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar hosted a very special event. BuyPlaya Real Estate was invited along with local press and social media to witness and celebrate a very unique and honorable distinction.



Matt Adcock (Del Sol Photography), Sol Tamargo (Del Sol Photography), Carla Toledo (Soy Playense), Ariel Urtaza (Soy Playense)

Right: Seth Dewey (Everything Playa del Carmen)

Maria Azanza and Rodrigo Iberra (Asociacion de Relaciones Publicas del Caribe Mexicano)

"The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has for the first time, awarded a restaurant with such high honors, not only in Playa del Carmen, but in the entire Riviera Maya region. The Academy recognizes Plank as the first stand-alone restaurant in the Riviera Maya to receive our 5-Star Diamond Award for 2016," said Joseph Cinque, President of the Academy.

Kenneth Schmidt (Co-owner), Juan Luis Wehncke (General Manager and part owner), Mark Pompei (Co-owner), Joseph Cinque (President of the Academy), Juan Diego Solombrino (Executive Chef) and Jack Perlman (Co-owner)

Juan Luis Wehncke (Co-owner and general manager), Juan Diego Solombrino (Executive Chef)


Center: Jack Perlman (Co-owner)

Founded in 1949, The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the very first organization to globally award excellence in luxury travel. Only the best luxury hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants, chefs and personalities are honored with the 5-Star Diamond Award; recipients are nominated by the Academy Board through recommendations followed by strict inspections for quality and service.

At the big event, The Academy also honored Dario Flota Ocampo, CEO of the Riviera Maya Toursim Board. He proudly received the award,which he received for his vision, dedication, leadership and significant contributions to Mexico's tourism industry.


Dario Flota Ocampo was honored to receive such distinction and underlined that Mexican cuisine is becoming a very important asset to our local tourism. People from around the globe visit the Riviera Maya not only for the white sand beaches, history, culture and traditions, but also to feel and taste the flavors of our colorful country. He also stated that he is glad to see Plank and Mexican chef Juan Diego Solombrino receive such an important recognition by the Academy, showing that Mexican cuisine is not only made of tacos and tequila, but also the infinite flavors of traditional and modern cuisine.


Make sure to stop by Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar next time you're in Playa del Carmen to indulge in an upscale culinary experience. The staff will kindly guide you through their unique menu and help you relax with exquisite cuisine, a large wine selection and amazing cocktails from the bar.

Thank you Plank for setting Playa del Carmen on the map with the very first 5-Star Diamond Award in the Riviera Maya!







Andrea Ruiz Perron was born and raised in Montreal by a Mexican mother and a French Canadian father.  She studied cinema and photography in Argentina and Montreal, and has now been living in Playa del Carmen for a total of 6 years. Both her Mexican and Canadian roots are an important influence on her identity and how she perceives the world through her photography and writing as the content creator for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors www.buyplaya.com


Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/andreita_ruiz/



Experiencias Xcaret has created some of the Riviera Maya’s most famous parks and attractions, including Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xenotes, Xoximilco, and of course Xcaret. Now, they are bringing the X to an entirely new name: Xenses.

Xenses park Riviera Maya 

Xenses will be the 6th park by Experiencias Xcaret, opening in Summer 2016.

The idea behind the new Xenses park is to explore all of your senses and challenge your mind using a blend of optical illusions, sensory experiences and mind-boggling activities. Experiencias Xcaret says,

“Here you’re going to reconnect with the power of your senses through innovative water, land and air activities. By the end, you’ll return to reality transformed into a Xensei, your own master.”

“Xenses is an unparalleled park, a place as fun as it is magical, as amazing as it is enigmatic, and as crazy as it is rational. Here, you’ll be the protagonist of this experience, in a place with real and imaginary settings that will surround your senses and take you to a fantastical world where your perception will be challenged.”

Xenses park Riviera Maya 

Over the past few weeks, Xenses has begun to reveal some of the 17 new attractions we can expect to find at the new park, although we’re sure that the sensory nature of the park means that these are the kinds of attractions you have to experience for yourself in order to truly understand the concept. The experience begins in an area called the Pinwheel, a space where reality is perceived in a different way. Then, the attractions and activities at Xenses will be divided into two circuits:

The first circuit will have The Way of Dwarfs and Giants, Xensatorium, Underground Arteries, The Eden and Xítrico Garden.

The second circuit offers The Heartbeat, Townville, Recamara, The Breather, A Slip on a Slide, Flutterfly, Sludgerie, Riverlaxing, Rain, Cloud and Marblelous.

Xenses park Riviera Maya 

Xenses park Riviera Maya 

Xenses is designed as a half-day tour, with two times available per day. You’ll be able to explore both circuits in about 5 hours or just enjoy some time in the relaxation areas and at the on-site eatery “Xnack”. The new park is located at Kilometer 282 of the Chetumal – Puerto Juarez Highway, setting it right by The Riviera Maya’s famous Xcaret and Xplor parks.

The park is set to open to the public in June 2016, and tickets will be on sale at www.XensesPark.com starting as early as April 1. Pre-sale tickets will be 20% off, and ticket prices are $59 USD for adults and $30 USD for kids (5 – 11 years old) and senior citizens.

Xenses park Riviera Maya 




Laura Winfree


Originally from Virginia, Laura Winfree moved south of the border in 2005 to major in tourism at La Salle University Cancun. Today, she works as a copy writer for a local travel agency in addition to freelance blogging, writing and translating. Laura writes about her life as an expat in Mexico at http://gringationcancun.com and http://www.facebook.com/gringationcancun. Nightclubs and weekly beach trips are her favorite part of living in Cancun!



Next week, Explayarte Productions is putting on a live performance of the famed Broadway musical Hairspray. March 10 – 12 at 7pm, you’ll have the chance to see Hairspray at the beautiful new Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater) right here in Playa del Carmen.

Hairspray musical Playa del Carmen 

Hairspray is an upbeat musical comedy based on the 1988 John Waters film of the same name, set in the 1960s and featuring incredible music (by a live band!) and plenty of dancing. This performance of Hairspray is a Playa del Carmen production performed by Playa del Carmen locals, so yes, it will be in Spanish.

Explayarte is the first school for the scenic arts in Playa del Carmen, teaching areas like music, performing arts, visual arts and sound engineering.  Over the past few years, Explayarte has put on numerous productions of well-known plays and musicals for the Playa del Carmen community, including Jesus Christ Super Star, Cats, Les Miserables, Pippin, All Shook Up, Seussical and Aida.

Playa del Carmen musical theater 

Image from Explayarte's 2015 production of Aida at Xcaret

The main goal of Explayarte is to “offer a completely professional space for students so they can express their talents, helping them in their personal development as artists and as people, and to expand the cultural scene in Playa del Carmen to create a society with more culture and less violence.”

Playa del Carmen theater school Explayarte 

Playa del Carmen theater school Explayarte 

BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors is thrilled to be a sponsor of the upcoming Hairspray production; it is always an honor for us to support the arts here in Playa del Carmen, and Explayarte ranks among the very best organizations in the city in their dedication to art, culture, theater and teaching.

For a night of music and culture, come see Hairspray Thursday, March 10 – Saturday, March 12 at 7pm at Teatro de la Ciudad, located on Circuito Chinchorro and Avenida 115, right by Walmart La Cruz. (And if you haven’t seen the new theater yet, it’s time for you to experience this beautiful new performance space!)

There are two ticket prices available: $175 pesos for mezzanine seats and $248 for lower level seats. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on this EventBrite link, or you can stop by the Explayarte school (Arco Vial and 70 North, across from the Soriana at Centro Maya mall) to buy tickets in person between 12pm and 8pm.

To keep up with the latest info on this production of Hairspray, follow Explayarte on Facebook

On Saturday February 20, Ventura Park opened its gates to a large group of specially invited guests for a preview night of what the new park has to offer. Located at the southern end of the exciting Cancun Hotel Zone, the new park is an expansion of the original Wet’n Wild water park, now with all kinds of cool attractions to explore. It opens to the general public on March 1, 2016, and let me just say that Ventura Park exceeded my expectations! (Please forgive my photos... my cell phone takes decent nighttime images, but not the best.)

Ventura Park Cancun 


Ventura Park Areas

If you have ever been to Wet’n Wild Cancun before, you’ll remember that the water park was pretty extensive with lots of unused space. I was worried at first that Ventura Park had cut down a lot of local plantlife to build the new attractions, but what they have managed to do is basically just fill in the empty spaces of the original water park to make it feel more vibrant, colorful and exciting. The new Ventura Park has a few new restaurants and bars, plus an ice cream stand. It has been classified into many different areas, each with its own unique theme:

Wet’n Wild: Cancun’s water park attractions haven’t changed much, featuring a wave pool, a lazy river running through the park, plenty of water slides, a Bubble Up for kids, and a kids’ splash area.

AaahVentura: Probably the most exciting part of Ventura Park, this area has a jungle expedition theme with a heli jump, beautiful rope bridges to explore, and a few ziplines that cross the entire park.

Fun World: The carnival-style atmosphere of this area lets you enjoy attractions like a small but thrilling roller coaster, a classic chair swings ride with amazing ocean views, and a traditional carrousel for little kids.

Underworld: This indoor arcade has a bunker-style feel to it, featuring its own bar, Star Wars Battle Pod games, a laser maze called “The Mission”, and lazer tanks (similar to bumper cars, but played in giant spinning tanks. Underworld attractions come at an extra price unless you purchase one of the upgraded packages.

Grandprix: This small go kart track has plenty of curves! You can choose to ride in an individual kart or a double kart. (Kids 1.0 meters - 1.40 meters tall must ride with an adult.) Grandprix has an extra cost unless you purchase one of the upgraded packages.

Beach’O: Ventura Park’s beautiful beach club has a small infinity pool by the Caribbean Sea and a cevicheria, along with plenty of loungers, palm trees and shaded bali beds to create a serene atmosphere. Access to the beach club and snacks from the cevicheria come at an additional price.

For more info, this Ventura Park blog post has a detailed description of the rides and attractions available.

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 

Ventura Park Cancun 


 Ventura Park with Kids

My main thought throughout my time at Ventura Park was that this would be a great place to come with kids. The water park and carnival-style rides especially make it an attractive option for a day out as a family. However, one thing to consider is that most of the rides and attractions have minimum height requirements (1.07 meters tall for most of the water park rides and games, 1.40 meters for some of the bigger rides like the roller coaster, and varying heights throughout the park) We saw more than a few kids get upset when they didn’t meet the height requirements for the roller coaster or the go karts, so keep that in mind especially if you have kids between the ages of 5 and 10.


Pricing and Packages

Ventura Park just released its prices on Facebook this week, with varying prices for tourists and locals. You can choose from a daytime pass (10am to 5:30pm every day) or a nighttime pass (5:30pm to 11:00pm Wednesday through Saturday), or upgrade to get both. Prices only include certain areas of the park, depending on which package you choose, but all passes have all inclusive food and beverage. You can also purchase packages with transportation to the park.

The most basic package for tourists has a price of $79 USD for adults, including the main areas of the park like Wet’n Wild, AaahVentura and Fun World. (See all prices below)

 Ventura Park Cancun prices

If you’re a local living in the state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya and far beyond, you can access the park’s discounted local pricing, which starts at only $499 pesos for adults with the most basic daytime package. Not bad! Unfortunately, Ventura Park has confirmed to me that they DO NOT accept Temporary / Permanent Resident cards as local ID. They only accept IFE cards, driver’s licenses and social security booklets as ID in order to access the local prices.

Ventura Park Cancun prices 


After visiting Ventura Park, my first impressions are that it’s a wonderful option for families with kids, groups of friends, and even couples looking for a fun way to create memories and enjoy a fun day or evening that will make you feel like a kid again. For the latest updates, follow Ventura Park on Facebook.




Laura Winfree


Originally from Virginia, Laura Winfree moved south of the border in 2005 to major in tourism at La Salle University Cancun. Today, she works as a copy writer for a local travel agency in addition to freelance blogging, writing and translating. Laura writes about her life as an expat in Mexico at http://gringationcancun.com and http://www.facebook.com/gringationcancun. Nightclubs and weekly beach trips are her favorite part of living in Cancun!



One of the main reasons we love living in Playa del Carmen is the strong sense of community. Not only is this city a gorgeous beach destination for tourists, it’s also a family-friendly town for locals with a strong focus on Mexican culture and the environment. If you know where to look, you’ll find fun and unique activities for kids every single week… and most of them are free! Below is a list of some of our very favorite free kids activities in Playa del Carmen:



Parque La Ceiba

Calle 1 Sur and Diagonal 60 in Colonia Edijal

This large park provides a natural escape from the surrounding city where local Playa del Carmen families can find all kinds of free activities. The biggest attraction is the Saturday Tianguis on the third Saturday of every month, with a day of workshops, book readings, crafts, games and more. The park also has eco activities for kids, a small playground, and an on-site kitchen with local cuisine. To find out about what kids events they have coming up, follow Parque La Ceiba on Facebook or call (984)859-2327

Playa del Carmen kids eco activities 


Free Kids Shows at the Theater

Circuito Chinchorro and Av 115 (by Walmart La Cruz)

The new Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater) is always offering free shows for the public, whether it’s the symphony, a play, or an interactive kids show like puppets or clowns. Almost all of the shows are free of charge. Follow Teatro de la Ciudad on Facebook to see what shows they have in the upcoming weeks.

Playa del Carmen kids activities 



The Playground at Parque Fundadores

Avenida Benito Juarez between 5th Avenue and the beach

Fun with an ocean view! This pirate ship themed playground is located right by the beach in Playa del Carmen’s iconic Fundadores Park. It’s an especially beautiful place to go around sunset, when families congregate around the beach area to enjoy the breeze and the view.

Playa del Carmen Parque Fundadores playground 


Golf FORE Everyone at Mayakoba

El Cameleon Golf Course

The annual OHL Classic at Mayakoba golf tournament offers their Golf FORE Everyone program every year to bring the local community together through golf. This free family program typically takes place one Sunday afternoon a month in the summertime, and it’s open to all ages and skill levels. Your family can participate in one-on-one classes, group classes, raffles, treasure hunts and some local cuisine from restaurants in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Visit the Golf FORE Everyone website or the OHL Classic Facebook page for the latest info. (Summer 2016 info has not yet been published as of February)

Riviera Maya family golf event 


El Pueblito at Mayakoba

Mayakoba resort complex

In 2015, Mayakoba resort opened a new area called El Pueblito, a lovely plaza with traditional Mexican charm. Every month, El Pueblito offers several free family events, such as: the Kermesse Mexican fair with games, music and Mexican cuisine (free to enter but must pay for some food and games), outdoor movie nights with El Cine Club, storytelling, arts and crafts, live outdoor music, and some traditional cultural events on Mexican holidays. El Pueblito publishes their upcoming event calendar every month on their Facebook page.

Kids cultural activities in Playa del Carmen 


If you’re still not a Playa del Carmen local but dying to make the move, at BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors we have an extensive list of family homes for sale in beautiful neighborhoods that your kids will love. Playa del Carmen is a wonderful place to raise a family, with excellent schools, a lush natural environment, stunning white sand beaches, and a great community. Visit us at BuyPlaya.com and we’ll help you pick out your family home here in the Riviera Maya.

Deep in the jungles of the Riviera Maya, triathletes will find a lush natural setting where they can compete in this year’s Mayatlon, one of the region’s largest and most well-known athletic events.


Hosted each year by Alltournative, a company known for its captivating eco parks and tours in the Riviera Maya area, the Mayatlon allows athletes to push themselves to their physical limits while experiencing the natural beauty this region has to offer. The Mayatlon 2016 will take place in Pac Chen on Sunday, March 13 (a few minutes north of the Mayan ruins of Coba).


This year’s triathlon route will include a 1000-meter swim (2 laps around the lagoon), a 20k bike ride through the jungle (to the village of Tres Reyes and back), and a 6k run (2 laps around the lagoons area), the perfect way to experience the Mayan jungles of the Riviera Maya during an unforgettable athletic event.




This Riviera Maya triathlon is designed for teens and adults alike, with numerous age categories beginning at age 14 years and increasing into senior categories. Athletes can participate individually or in a 3-person relay.

Transportation is available to competitors and their companions for $150 pesos, leaving from Cancun and Playa del Carmen; e-mail reservaciones@alltournative.com before March 7 to book your seat.  There is also free parking 1.5 km from the competition area, as well as food for sale at an extra cost of $100 pesos for adults and $50 pesos for children under 12.

A pre-race meeting will be held the night before, on Saturday March 12 at 5:00 pm at the Urban Krystal hotel in Downtown Cancun. Participants can also pick up their race packets at the hotel the same day (March 12) from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you are not able to pick up your race packet at that time, you must send an e-mail to reservaciones@alltournative.com

Sign up for the Mayatlon 2016 at online at Mas Accion or As Deporte. Sign-up closes on March 11, 2016 or when places run out.


To find out all the details on pricing, categories, rules, transition zones, schedule, etc, click here to visit the Mayatlon information page (in Spanish).  You can also follow the Mayatlon 2016 event page on Facebook for additional updates.

Whether you’re right here in Playa or abroad at the moment, this month you can easily help support one of the city’s best local causes. Our friends at The KKiS Project are organizing a dinner and online auction to raise funds for their wonderful organization over the next few weeks.


What does The KKiS Project do?

KKiS stands for “Keeping Kids in School”, and their focus is on helping local Playa del Carmen school children have the tools and opportunities they need to continue their education. Their main project is donating bags of school supplies to students in need. They also provide scholarships to local high school students, organize groups of volunteers to help students practice their English at local schools once a week, and work alongside other organizations to donate classroom basics like desks and chairs to schools in need.

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 


Dinner and online auction

Over the next few weeks, supporting KKiS will be fun and simple!

The 5th annual KKiS fundraiser dinner and live auction will take place on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at Wah Wah Beach Bar, a huge beachfront restaurant on 2nd Street. The event begins with happy hour and a silent auction starting at 4:00 pm, followed by dinner and the live auction.

Last year’s auction provided school supplies to 1,200 local kids, plus scholarships for 18 high school students. This year, Wah Wah hopes to surpass last year’s standing-room-only success, so we recommend buying your tickets early! Tickets purchased before February 27 are $25 USD ($450 pesos), and after are $35 USD ($600 pesos). You can purchase your tickets:

  • Online at www.KKiSAuction.com
  • At the new KKiS headquarters from 1:00pm to 5:00pm weekdays (located at the corner of 32nd Street and 35th Avenue)
  • From a dedicated volunteer near you: info@kkisproject.org

In the meantime, their online auction is already up and running through Wednesday, February 24. Bid on fun Playa del Carmen prizes like dinners at local restaurants, drinks and tastings at local bars, day passes to beach clubs and pool lounges, spa treatments, hotel stays, pet care and more! The online auction can be found at www.KKiSAuction.com

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 

 Playa del Carmen childrens charity

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 


How else can you help?

If you want to contribute even beyond the upcoming dinner and online auction, The KKiS Project provides many ways for you to help, whether you’re giving your time, a sponsorship, or a one-time donation. Click here to see their extensive list of volunteer opportunities, or visit the KKiS donation page to donate via Paypal or find out what school supplies you can bring to them here in Playa del Carmen.

To keep up with the latest information on The KKiS Project, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website at www.KKiSProject.org

Playa del Carmen childrens charity 

Thanks to The KKiS Project, Wah Wah Beach Bar and all the sponsors for putting together this wonderful event so we can help local kids and have some fun at the same time! We hope to see you at the fundraising dinner and auction on March 2.

In a paradise surrounded by world-renowned white sand beaches, sometimes there are a few downsides when going to the beach for a perfect day...

On some days, the wind can create intense and strong waves, transforming a nice swimming session into a tenacious and maybe even a dangerous stunt. That same strong wind could also cover your entire body, hair, eyes and towel with our lovely white sand beach. So where could you possibly spend your precious vacation days (or your precious day off if you're a local) when the beach and ocean just won't cooperate? BuyPlaya happily visited (for you!) the best rooftop pools in Playa del Carmen where you can spend the day in a gorgeous pool, having a fancy cocktail and a delightful meal while facing the most desirable ocean views in town.


Be Roof (Be Playa's rooftop bar and pool)

Located on the corner of 26th Street 10th Avenue (as part of the hip hotel Be Playa), Be Roof opened its doors five years ago. Since then, it has been not only a charming and cozy place to spend the day, but also a space to gather and meet people at Be Roof's evening events, such as: dance lessons (tango or bachata), movie nights, DJ nights, etc.





Be Roof offers its guests two different food options: You can choose from the special menu made exclusively for the rooftop area....

Smoked salmon sandwich with side of fried jicama

Tuna wrap and veggies

Fried calamari and homemade sauce


...Or simply go with the delightful classic sushi menu from Sushi Club, located on the ground floor of the same building!

By asking your waiter for the Sushi Club menu, you'll be able to order delicious sushi and other meals from their menu.

Your day at the Be Roof wouldn't be complete without one (or more!) of their savory cocktails.

Minstrow (Coconut, strawberry and mint... my favorite!) and Green Station (Cucumber, pineapple and mint)


Mai Tai (Dark and white rum, Controy liquor, orange juice, pineapple juice and a touch of grenadine)


Cucumber Mezcal Mojito

Open every day from 10:00am to midnight, Be Roof will make your day in paradise a memorable experience. Like their Facebook page to follow their special events and promotions.



The Roof Club is located on 8th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue (Part of the hotel The Palm at Playa)

The Roof Club at The Palm is a fabulous rooftop in downtown Playa del Carmen. It's one of the largest rooftops in town and offers stunning turquoise views of our Caribbean Sea.



The Roof Club welcomes you to spend the day at their pool, enjoying groovy cocktails and a delectable meal while facing one of the best views in downtown. A great option to indulge by relaxing on a bed, a hammock or even in a jacuzzi.




In addition to special events (private events, launches, festivals, DJs, etc.), The Roof Club offers daily Happy Hour specials (starting at 2:00 pm), pool parties every Saturday and Sunday, and Ladies Night on Friday.

The food and cocktail menus have recently been updated and carefully modified into a delightful and tasty array of choices. Make sure to ask you waiter about the new evening menu for a romantic dinner on the roof.



Grilled salmon with yellow, green and red pepper, onions and broccoli (all grilled and seasoned with rosemary)

thai-roll-with shrimp
Thai roll with shrimp, fresh lettuce, cucumber, beets and strawberries wrapped in rice paper

The appealing cocktail menu offers different kinds of alluring and colorful cocktails that will satisfy your thirst on a hot Caribbean day.

Roof Hawaii (Vodka, Blue Curaçao, pineapple juice and coconut cream)

Coco Mojito (Mezcal, mint, coconut cream, lime juice and Sprite... a must!!)

The Roof Club is open every day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. A fabulous spot for a perfect getaway in town, with amazing food, delicious cocktails and outstanding views you will never forget! Follow them on Facebook and find out about their upcoming events, parties and promotions!



Sky Bar (Soho Hotel's rooftop pool and bar)

The Sky Bar is located on the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue and is part of the urban chic Soho Hotel. This rooftop is not only a cozy place to spend the day while watching a panoramic of the city as well as stunning ocean views - Sky has also become an artistic place for community members to gather for art exhibitions, art classes, tango lessons, yoga or zumba classes, etc.



Of course, you can also enjoy a nice meal and refreshing cocktails while relaxing under the Caribbean sun.

Chicken caesar salad with homemade dressing

Portobello cheeseburger (no meat) with fresh house salad

Ham and cheese French baguette

Sky features a different Happy Hour Special from Monday through Saturday. Make sure to ask your waiter about their daily specials!

Mango Frozen Margarita

Frozen Daiquiri (half strawberry, half mango)

Sky opens Monday through Saturday until 6pm, but for special events and classes in the evenings or mornings, make sure to like their Facebook page!


MOON 360

Moon 360 (Rooftop of Salciccium Class restaurant and Hotel Artisan)

This rooftop is a new hidden gem located on 5th Avenue between 26th and 28th Streets. Salciccium Class is the 5th restaurant of the Salciccium Group, with other restaurants in Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen (Paseo del Carmen) and Merida. You've probably passed by this charming restaurant on 5th Avenue many times without even knowing they had a gorgeous rooftop pool (part of the Artisan Hotel) where you can spend the day enjoying a tasty meal while sipping a cold beer or a fancy cocktail with a beautiful ocean view!




Their vision is based on fresh and natural food, offering their clientele an interesting concept: all their meat products are produced by their own sausage company "Embutidos del Camino", using 100% meat without additives or dyes. They have 15 types of sausages on their menu, and they work with local suppliers for both organic vegetables and cheeses.

Gyro supreme (Pita bread, served with supreme beef and pork euro burger with hummus, tzatziki, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes, Greek kalamata olives and Lebanese oregano Zaatar)

Fresh guacamole with tortilla chips and pico de gallo

Parizza (thin crust margarita pizza)

Salciccium Class

The menu also offers a Brasserie section for the beer lovers, as well as a large wine list for the wine lovers.

Next time you walk along 5th Avenue and pass by Salciccium Class, ask to check out their menu and... their gorgeous rooftop! (Make sure to like their Facebook page to find out more about them!)



Cinco Restaurant at the Thompson Hotel


Last but not the least, Cinco is located on 5th Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets, on the rooftop of the luxurious Thompson Hotel. Recently opened, Cinco offers casual dinning from world famous Mexican Chef Pedro Abascal. The stunning ocean and city views will take your breath away!





Spending the day or simply indulging in lunch or brunch at the upscale Cinco will have you feeling fabulous... Even more fabulous when you will find out that every Saturday and Sunday, Cinco hosts a brunch with a pretty impressive option...



... bottomless mimosas for $25 USD!!!! A special weekend menu has been carefully crafted with high end ingredients in order to make your brunch, hopefully, the best you've ever had.

Smoked salmon (from Chile) served on a French baguette and scrambled eggs

Eggs Benedict

Oysters served on champagne

Wagyu cheeseburger and french fries


Cinco is an amazing new chic spot to spend the day with friends and family while savoring some of Playa del Carmen's finest cuisine. Open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, don't forget to ask your waiter about the bottomless mimosas, a perfect way to end a perfect day in paradise! Follow the Thompson Hotel Facebook page to find out more about their other fabulous restaurants in Playa and about their many special events and promotions!


You now have a vast array of incredible rooftop pool options in Playa del Carmen, our little town by the beach, for those days when the beach doesn't show her best side. For the locals, these options are ideal when you want a different way to spend your day off, especially on those high season days when the beach gets too busy with tourists. For each of these rooftop pool areas, make sure to call to find out about the minimum consumption, as some can vary between low and high season, while others won't charge any fee nor ask for a minimum consumption.  You are now ready to discover our town from the top... Have fun!

To find out how to become a Playa del Carmen local by buying your own condo or home, visit us at BuyPlaya.com





Andrea Ruiz Perron was born and raised in Montreal by a Mexican mother and a French Canadian father.  She studied cinema and photography in Argentina and Montreal, and has now been living in Playa del Carmen for a total of 6 years. Both her Mexican and Canadian roots are an important influence on her identity and how she perceives the world through her photography and writing as the content creator for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors www.buyplaya.com


Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/andreita_ruiz/



The famed Carnaval of Playa del Carmen began last night at Plaza 28 de Julio with the crowning of this year’s kings and queens in age groups for kids and señors, with over 5,000 people attending the event. The remaining days of this colorful festival will offer excitement for locals as well as tourists visiting Playa del Carmen. Below is an itinerary highlighting the most important events of the 2016 Playa del Carmen Carnaval, going on through Tuesday, February 9. Events will take place at the city’s main square, Plaza 28 de Julio, and the parades have been moved to 10th Avenue.




Friday, February 5

6:30pm Costume contest for kids and teens

7:30pm Crowning of the Carnaval kings and queens

8:30pm Contests for dance and entertainment groups

10:30pm Grupo Precaucion performs live


Saturday, February 6

6:00pm First Carnaval parade (starting at Parque Fundadores and going down 10th Avenue)

7:30pm A night of live music, shows and bands at Plaza 28 de Julio




Sunday, February 7

6:00pm Second Carnaval parade (starting at Parque Fundadores and going down 10th Avenue)

7:30pm A night of live music, shows, bands and contests at Plaza 28 de Julio


Monday, February 8

6:00pm Third Carnaval parade (starting at Parque Fundadores and going down 10th Avenue)

7:30pm A night of live music, shows and bands at Plaza 28 de Julio




Tuesday, February 9

6:00pm Closing parade (starting at Parque Fundadores and going down 10th Avenue)

7:30pm A night of shows performed by local groups followed by awards for different categories

12:00am The burning of “Juan Carnaval”


Carnaval offers a wonderful way for expats and tourists alike to experience local culture and music created by the people themselves, so if you're living in Playa del Carmen, you won't want to miss it. Get out there and enjoy it!


To see the full itinerary in Spanish and the original photos, click here to visit the article on the SoyPlayense website.

It’s that time of year again!

Here in Playa del Carmen, we set aside our soccer jerseys for just one day while we cheer on the football team of our choice on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 7, so it’s already time to start planning where in Playa del Carmen you’re going to watch the big game as the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers. Most places recommend making a reservation in advance because they can fill up quickly on Super Bowl Sunday. Kickoff is at 6:30pm Playa time!


Wah Wah Beach Bar

2nd Street and the beach

Wah Wah is always one of the top spots for watching any big gamehere in Playa del Carmen. Set under a huge palapa on the beach, Wah Wah will show the game on a wall-sized jumbotron screen with superior sound. They are offering a Super Bowl Buffet for only $250, and they recommend arriving early to get a good seat. For all the info, follow Wah wah’s Super Bowl 50 event page on Facebook.



Tequila Barrel

5th Avenue between 10th and 12th Streets

Perfect for those who want to bet on the Super Bowl! The famous Tequila Barrel on 5th Avenue has sports betting as well as Super Bowl Sunday specials: free shot for ladies who dance on the tequila barrel, and 15% discount for locals.



La Vagabunda Fiesta

Avenida 28 de julio and the highway

This restaurant and event space has a pool and a playground area, the perfect way to keep your kids entertained while you watch the Super Bowl. Starting at 5:00pm, they’ll have several deals going on like a jar of beer for only $105 pesos, 2-for-the-price-of-1 Bacardi and Paloma drinks, and some burgers and hot dogs.



Legends Sports Bar

16th Street between 10th and 15th Avenues

Legends will be showing the NBC broadcast right here in Playa. The fun starts at 5:30pm, so go ahead and make your reservation at the number on the flyer.



Zenzi Beach Club

10th Street and the beach

Watch Super Bowl 50 with a screen on the beach! What better way to experience the game in Playa del Carmen than a viewing right by the Caribbean Sea?



Indigo Beach Club

14th Street and the beach

Watch the Super Bowl in classic USA style: with wings and beers! For $230 pesos a person, you get 3 beers plus chicken wings or a burger. Yum!



Señor Dan's Margarita and Sports Bar

Right by the ferry terminal

This little bar will have the American broadcast so you get to see all the famous Super Bowl commercials. It's small size makes it the perfect spot to enjoy the game in a house-party style atmosphere with 4 LED TVs, so there's not a bad seat in the house. Enjoy $60 peso fireball shots and amazing margaritas! They also have Super Bowl t-shirts for sale in advance. For all the info, follow Sr. Dan's Super Bowl event page on Facebook.


Los Olvidados Cantina Bar Kitsch

6th Street between 5th and 10th Avenues

Watch Super Bowl 50 on the big screen and take advantage of the promos going on at this Playa del Carmen cantina bar: special prices on beer, ceviche, wings and bottles! To get all the details on the promos, follow the Los Olvidados Super Bowl event page on Facebook.



Vasso Live Bar

12th Street

For every touchdown, this Playa bar will have 5 minutes of 2-for-the-price-of-1 drinks!  This sleek venue is a mix of bar and nightclub, perfect for a fun night out. For more info, follow the Vasso Playa Super Bowl event page on Facebook.



La Choperia

5th Avenue and 28th Street

Watch the Super Bowl right on 5th Avenue! This laid-back bar fills up quickly, even on regular nights, so make sure to reserve your table in advance for Super Bowl Sunday. To keep up with their promos and info, follow the La Choperia Super Bowl event page on Facebook



Lol-Ha Akumal

Beachfront on Akumal Bay

Enjoy the big game and give to a great cause! This year's Super Bowl celebration at Lol-Ha restaurant will benefit the Akumal Community Center. Watch the game on big screens, enjoy the ocean view, place some bets and buy a t-shirt for the cause. For all the info on this Akumal community fundraiser and reservations, follow the Lol-Ha Super Bowl event page on Facebook.



La Drinkeria by Henry Miller

Arco Vial

Watch the American broadcast on an 8-square-meter screen!  A beautiful 2-story bar with cool style.



Thompson Hotel

Calle Corazón plaza on 5th Avenue

A rooftop tailgate party on 5th Avenue! Boasting Playa's biggest HD LED screen and the American broadcast of the Super Bowl, this beautiful new hotel just might be the coolest spot to see the game. They're also featuring live DJs before and after the game, as well as a tail-gate style buffet at $550 pesos per person. For more details, follow the Thompson Hotel Super Bowl event page on Facebook



The Public Place

Plaza Paseo Coba 210

2 big screens, 3-for-the-price-of-1 on certain liquors, "the biggest wings in Playa", beer, and live music after the game!



Chacabar Tulum

Aldea Zama, Tulum

One of Tulum's newest restaurants with a great bar and amazing cuisine! The tailgate starts at 4pm with slow-cooked BBQ and chicken wings. They will also be firing up their converted VW beetle wood-burning pizza oven for the special occasion! The first 50 fans will get two free squares on the football pot for prizes every quarter. Drink specials include the Bronco Buster and Pain-ther Killer! 



Last week, the BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors team had the opportunity to attend the press conference for this year’s upcoming Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival.


Hosted at Cancun luxury resort Secrets The Vine (known for its incredible cuisine!) in the Cancun Hotel Zone, the conference took place inside the elegant Red Vine Piano Lounge. There, Secrets treated us to impressive coffee break service with mouthwatering mini breakfast items so we could indulge a bit before the press conference began.

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

The press conference itself was headed up by a panel made up of David Amar, founder of the festival, as well as representatives from the different host venues.

 Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

The 2016 edition of the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival marks the event’s 5th anniversary, so big things can be expected. The festival will kick off with a welcome cocktail party at Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort on the evening of April 27, followed by four days of impressive wine and food events with guest chefs and sommeliers. Tickets are now available for a wide variety of wonderful culinary events, such as wine tastings, mezcal tastings, the annual Star Chefs Dinner, the popular Gourmet Tasting Village with stands where guests can sample endless products and cuisine, a tribute dinner to Chef Alejandro Ruiz, and a tribute dinner to Chef Albert Adria.

 Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival

Host venues for the events of the 2016 Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival include a variety of beautiful resorts in the Cancun Hotel Zone, each known for its spectacular cuisine and restaurants:

  • Secrets The Vine
  • Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort
  • Hard Rock Hotel Cancun
  • Live Aqua Cancun
  • Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

Thanks to this amazing festival as well as the many amazing new culinary resorts that have opened their doors in the past decade, the Cancun Riviera Maya area has transformed from simple beach destination to a destination known for its cuisine as well as its coastline. Mexican Chef Federico Lopez, founding chef of the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival, said it best with this statement:

The destination, Riviera Maya as well as Cancun, has become a gastronomical destination, more so than it already was, but now let’s just say that some very, very interesting cuisine is happing in the region. At the same time, chefs are already seeing the destination as an innovative point of reference… not just because of the festival, but for vacations as well. The festival has the responsibility to keep up the quality it is already providing, and keep creating more cuisine. We have great hotels, great restaurants and great tourist attractions… Mexican cuisine is very on trend right now, and the gateway is this tourist destination.

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 

Tickets for the 2016 Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival (April 29 - May 1) are already available to purchase online! From now until February 29, the pre-sale tickets will be at their lowest possible price, so now is the time to buy. Visit WineAndFoodFest.com to purchase your festival tickets and get all the details on each event.

Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival 


Photos by Andrea Ruiz Perron of BuyPlaya 




Laura Winfree


Originally from Virginia, Laura Winfree moved south of the border in 2005 to major in tourism at La Salle University Cancun. Today, she works as a copy writer for a local travel agency in addition to freelance blogging, writing and translating. Laura writes about her life as an expat in Mexico at http://gringationcancun.com and http://www.facebook.com/gringationcancun. Nightclubs and weekly beach trips are her favorite part of living in Cancun!