This month, BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors is sharing our new “Why to Buy” series. In these articles, we’ll showcase different Riviera Maya destinations in order to highlight the perks of buying property in the area, according to our very own Riviera Maya real estate experts.

 Playa del Carmen vacation home

With its stunning white sand beaches, vibrant social vibe, booming cultural scene and laid-back vibe, the city of Playa del Carmen has become a hotspot for buying vacation rental properties as well as family homes and personal residences. Throughout town, you can find a wide variety of properties for sale at any budget, ranging from studio condos with “old Playa” style to large homes with lush tropical gardens.

But buying a condo or a house in a foreign country can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. To get you started, we directed some of our most frequently asked questions to Rob Kinnon, owner of BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors, to help you decide if buying property in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is right for you.

38th Street Playa del Carmen 


What makes Playa del Carmen a good vacation rental property investment?

Playa is by far the most well-known tourist destination in the area, and as such has the highest demand for rentals across all price strata.


Financially speaking, what makes Playa del Carmen a good place to buy a home?

There is a lot of inventory on the market in Playa at this time, and as such buyers will have the choice of many units to choose from at each price point.  Furthermore, with the level of activity in Playa, you have a much broader audience to sell to when it comes to selling your property down the road.  The obvious last benefit is that the demand for rentals is much higher in Playa del Carmen than most any other place in the area.

 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

Rooftop pool Playa del Carmen 


One of the big decisions when buying a home in Playa del Carmen is deciding which is the best neighborhood for you. The most popular, especially when it comes to vacation homes, are the Downtown area and the exclusive Playacar neighborhood. We asked Rob Kinnon for his take on the pros and cons of these areas:


What are the pros and cons of living in Downtown Playa?

The pros for buying in town are:

  • Generally you will be very close to the beach
  • Close to 5th Ave
  • Higher level of rental demand
  • Generally speaking newer units
  • Much higher amount of inventory to choose from


  • Smaller units
  • Noisier
  • Generally speaking no green spaces
  • Parking can be more difficult

 Affordable Playa del Carmen apartment

White hammock 



What are the pros and cons of living in Playacar?


  • Generally speaking larger units
  • More green spaces
  • Larger pools
  • Very easy to rent long-term (from 1 month to 1 year)
  • Tend to be a bit cheaper per square foot or square meter
  • Access to Playacar golf course
  • Access to the beach club at The Reef


  • Lower demand for vacation rentals
  • Depending on location, a car might be necessary to get to town and the beach
  • Has a more suburban feel
Ocean view bedroom


Playacar condo 


If you’re a non-Mexican looking to purchase in Playa del Carmen, you might be wondering about the process for buying property as a foreigner in Mexico. Yes, foreigners absolutely can buy property in Mexico, although we always recommend having a local expert on your side to help you find the perfect property then walk you through every step of the purchase process. If you’re interested in buying your next vacation home, vacation rental investment or residence in Playa del Carmen or any other part of the Riviera Maya, visit us at