When people dream about living in paradise, it also and often means a new start and a new way of living. However, most people don't realize how many details need to be considered in this process. Just like building a football team, building a team that will help ease a long and sometimes complicated process is crucial when you decide to start your own business or build your own house in paradise.


Over the past 15 years, Playa del Carmen has significantly grown and our "little" town by the beach is becoming a place where people from around the globe wish to invest. Playa del Carmen is a young town of only 22 year old. The Civil Engineer Association of Solidaridad Municipality started 19 years ago here, in Playa del Carmen, and it practically grew up with our town, assuring citizens and foreign investors that it is a duly registered organization. There are 70 associate members of the Civil Engineer Association, and 32 of them are directors in charge of construction sites. Here is our BuyPlaya interview with the president of the Civil Engineer Association, Tomás Farfan Bravo:


"An investor, someone that wishes to start a business, hotel or condominiums, needs to first verify the value of the land/lot, have the value of the construction that will be built, and of course be aware and have knowledge of all construction permits and requirements to carry out the project. Based on this information, a financial projection is done to determine what can be offered in their municipality. The best way to start is to be guided and advised by local professionals that have experience in this specific area, such as real estate advisors and us, the Civil Engineer Association.




"Within our association, we have our own construction companies and we are members of SEMIC and CANACO. We have, all under our roof, the professionals that can perform a cost evaluation (or cost study) for any kind of construction work. We also have site directors under our roof: they are the ones delivering the construction permits and all the required permits in order to finalize a construction work from A to Z. The experience of the professional real estate advisors combined with our association, give legal certainty to investors who come to buy in our municipality.

"The Site Directors are the ones authorized by the municipality to sign the construction license along with the city council and also to lead and finalize the construction work. On some occasions, they will be there during the construction. They need to make sure that all the permits are valid and have been authorized, such as environmental permits, health permits and all permits needed for construction. We, the Association, then come together with the designer/architect and the investor, and start the construction process."


"These last years, we have noticed considerable economic flow coming from real estate, construction, hotels, etc. Investors keep knocking at our door because they believe in our paradise and want to become a part of it. The promotional work we do makes investments consolidated. We also participate in the creation of urban development programs, local environmental programs and construction regulations respecting the areas of each. An important point to know and that investors are often not aware of, are the federal permits. When an investor wants to build a hotel or condominium building, he has to acquire an environmental impact statement with SEMARNAT. We suggest that this document is made with the help of experts and professionals as this document is the base for all the permits given.

"Investors also often ask us: How much can I build on my lot/land? The answer is in the value of the land and the commercial value of the project. We will see if it is a commercial or condominium building, how many condominiums, etc.


"Another important point to know is the cost of all those permits: Federal permits, municipal permits, state permits and all the required permits. There is also the matter of hiring a registered construction company so the workers can benefit from seguro social (public health insurance) and be legally paid. 

"Our association offers multiple services all under one roof, along with expertise of our associates. It is important for us to give them a complete consultation and all the tools to make their dream come true."


It was a very interesting encounter for BuyPlaya as our agents face these kinds of situations daily with our clients. The Civil Engineer Association is an excellent source of information when it comes to building and investing; they work side by side with our city and have many years of local expertise added to a strong team of experts. Contact us at BuyPlaya anytime fore more information on how and where to start building your place in paradise.








Andrea Ruiz Perron was born and raised in Montreal by a Mexican mother and a French Canadian father.  She studied cinema and photography in Argentina and Montreal, and has now been living in Playa del Carmen for a total of 6 years. Both her Mexican and Canadian roots are an important influence on her identity and how she perceives the world through her photography and writing as the content creator for BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors www.buyplaya.com


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