COCO.RM (Colectivo de Chefs de la Riviera Maya, or Riviera Maya Chefs Collective) is an initiative that unites seven chefs, each from different restaurants in the Riviera Maya, in order to offer affordable gourmet cuisine to the Playa del Carmen community.


Every two weeks, COCO.RM hosts an event where four of the chefs create a dinner, rotating chefs and restaurant locations each time. Participating restaurants include Aroma Cilantro, Axiote, Plank, Imprevist, La Marea (at the Hotel Viceroy Riviera Maya), Nibs and La Fisheria.

Participating chefs in COCO.RM include Xavier Perez Stone, Alejandro Cuatepotzo, Juan Diego Solombrino, Karla Enciso, Roberto Solombrino, Jorge Ildefonso and Edgar Demecio. These chefs and their Playa del Carmen restaurants stand out among the rest because they have taken the time to transform their cuisine using by locally sourced products and supporting the region’s small local suppliers.

For the fall / winter 2015 season, COCO.RM has already created five private dinner events where paying guests had the chance to indulge in gorgeous and flavorful cuisine created by these talented local chefs






For the rest of 2015, you only have two more opportunities to participate in this project and taste the dishes offered by the COCO.RM chefs. The next dinner will be on Wednesday, November 18 at Aroma Cilantro restaurant in Playa del Carmen (located at The Palm at Playa hotel, 8th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue), with the presence of chefs Karla Enciso, Roberto Solombrino, Xavier Perez Stone and Jorge Ildefonso.

On Wednesday, December 2 at La Fisheria restaurant in Playa del Carmen, you can attend the final dinner of the season with participating chefs Edgar Demecio, Alex Cuatepotzo, Roberto Solombrino and Xavier Perez Stone.

The price of both dinners is $550 pesos, and includes service and wine pairing. For the latest updates, follow COCO.RM on Facebook.

This article is a rough translation of an article from Sal Revista magazine. Click here to see the original article in Spanish.