Learn Spanish in 3 days in Playa del Carmen! We know so many English-speaking expats who moved to Playa expecting to pick up all the Spanish they needed just by living here, but it’s not always as easy as it looks. Many locals here speak excellent English, making it hard to find ways to practice our Spanish, even though most of us are dying to learn the language and connect with other people living in Playa del Carmen on a deeper cultural level.


The next Super Thinking Spanish Class will take place on November 27, 28 and 29, 2015 right here in Playa del Carmen. This class uses a special method of teaching that allows you to learn Spanish at an accelerated rate… and you’ll be speaking Spanish in just 3 days!

The class will take place from 9am to 5pm in the Playacar Phase I neighborhood of Playa del Carmen on each of the 3 days, with a 2-hour lunch break. Requirements:

  • You must have a complete grasp of the English language
  • Bring a pen, a memory stick and a sweater to class
  • No computers or cell phones in class


This Spanish language class even coincides with the dates for the famous Riviera Maya Jazz Festival (which runs November 26 – 28, 2015)! You can take advantage of your trip to Playa del Carmen to learn Spanish by day, and see live jazz music on the beach by night.

The course has a cost of $299 USD per person, or $499 USD per couple. The price includes:
  • Native Spanish-speaking pronunciation coach in every class
  • The complete class lesson book to take home
  • Lesson recordings and relaxation exercises to take home (bring your memory stick)
  • Coffee, tea and water at break times

The class is taught by Shawn and Suzanne Bandick, a Canadian couple who now lives right here in Playa del Carmen. Their story:

"In 2001 on a quest for adventure and a change of culture we packed up our two kids, and moved from British Columbia, Canada to Mexico.  We spent ten years in Mexico struggling to learn Spanish feeling overwhelmed and inadequate in the memorization of the hundreds of verbs and the many conjugations of them that all our tutors told us we needed to do. This course changed everything for us. We are thrilled to now be in a space that speaking in Spanish flows for us! We became teachers because of a desire to empower others and hopefully help them avoid the struggle we went through. This method of teaching definitely empowers people! Imagine learning to speak a new language with ease and joy.”

For more information on this course and its methods, visit the Bandick’s Learn Spanish in 3 Days website, or send an e-mail to Suzanne at sswinbiz@hotmail.com