Two new international-level events will join the cultural scene that is blooming here in Playa del Carmen. The city's first international festivals for theater and dance have been set for the months of November and December, respectively.

"Fortunately there are fans in Playa del Carmen, and this year we will present the Festival Internacional de Teatro here in Playa del Carmen, and the Festival Internacional de Danza; they will take place in November and December," said Subsecretary of Culture Lilian Villanueva Chan.

This lineup of events is planned to be annual, and the city has begun to design a plan for large events in every artistic genre. The host will be the new Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater), which will be inaugurated within the next few months.


Source: Adrián Barreto/SIPSE

These two new festivals will be part of Playa del Carmen's four main international cultural events, also including the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in November, and the Riviera Maya Film Festival this month (with other Mexico states also participating).


Source: Riviera Maya Film Festival Facebook page

Villanueva Chan also stated that over the next few months they will have even more details about the new theater and dance festivals, which cannot be revealed now due to laws with the upcoming elections.

"You the Playenses (Playa del Carmen locals) are the luckiest; here there are many events, and we are going to bring even more with these two festivals, which will bring this generation a cultural identity based on art," she continued.

Villanueva Chan also revealed that preparations have already begun for the Festival de Cultura del Caribe, with Cuba as this year's featured guest country.

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