Proof that Holbox is so much more than just lobster pizza!

As much as we love the island's iconic lobster pizza (and really, who doesn't love it?), it's always exciting to see the restaurants of Holbox come out and show their visitors the variety of cuisine to be had in this secluded beach destination.

The Muestra Internacional de Gastronomia Holbox (Holbox International Cuisine Expo) 2014 is now in its third year after drawing in plenty of visitors in 2012 and 2013. This event offers visitors to the island an amazing time filled with Caribbean cuisine and plenty of live music in a stunning yet laid-back atmosphere. This year's guest of honor will be the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, home to spectacular and historic cities with an amazing culinary profile, bringing in chefs from Guanajuato cities like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato city and Leon.

Muestra Internacional de Gastronomia Holbox 

In addition to Guanajuato cuisine, the Muestra Internacional de Gastronomia Holbox 2014 will of course feature the presence of local Holbox restaurants like El Rincon de Dennise, El Sabor de las Nubes, Buenavista, Esencia at Casa Sandra, Viva Zapata,  El Mangle de Villas Flamingo, El Chapulin, Mandarina at Casa de las Tortugas, Villa Mar and Las Panchas.

But of course, many people just attend the festival for is live music. This year, the Muestra Internacional de Gastronomia Holbox 2014 will bring in artists like Carlos Cuevas, Coque Muñiz, Orquestra Sabor y Sno, local band Iguana Sound, Nicho Hinojosa, Alejandra Millan and DJ Joseph Mucke. To end the event, guests can look forward to a concert by popular group Sonora Dinamita!

The Muestra Internacional de Gastronomia Holbox will take place Wednesday, October 15 through Saturday, October 18, 2014, so goa head and start planning your long weekend on the spectacular island of Holbox!