Riding the waves of change, Yoga By The Sea is is moving up -- literally, to the rooftop level of the new SOHO PLAYA Hotel on 10th Ave at Calle 24 in the heart of Playa del Carmen.
Join Yoga by the Sea at the new Sky Loft shaded studio for your familiar favorite yoga classes or try one of our new More Than Yoga® options: Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Meditation, Pilates, and Zumba®.

2014 More Than Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga Playa del Carmen

Yoga Class Descriptions
Hatha Flow
A multi-level yoga class that combines Hatha Yoga with selected flow sequences to create a balanced and complete yoga experience. Meditation included.
Yoga for Everybody
A gentle Hatha class appropriate for Beginnes and those who'd like a slower-paced class. Discover yoga... and yourself! Breathe deeply, warm the body, calm the mind.
Vinyasa Flow
A strong flowing practice to start your day. Sun Salutations, Standing Asanas, Forward Bends, Balances, and Twists.
More Than Yoga Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat
This is a contemporary approach to the Pilates repertoire  focusing on core stability, postural alignment, full-body conditioning and a deepened sense of body awareness. Working from the fundamentals of Pilates and beyond this class will increase flexibility, build strength and stamina  and create a solid foundation for your Pilates Mat practice. Prepare to be lengthened and strengthened, honed and toned.
Latin and International music fused to create an explosive, booty-shakin' party of a workout that burns 400 - 1000 calories an hour and leaves you high! Zumba is for everyone. Every age, shape & fitness level. It's great for the body, mind and soul... Zumba is for you!
Restorative Yoga
Therapeutic techniques to release muscle tension followed by still, supported postures that allow the entire body to stretch gently while supported by props. Sequences are designed to help balance the nervous system, deepen the relaxation response, reduce anxiety and stress, soothe the emotional body, heal depression, stimulate restful sleep, and enhance immunity.
Yoga Therapeutics
A gently paced yet challenging class that builds strenth, stamina and increased awareness of the mind-body-breath connection. Experience a range of therapeutic techniques woven together with asanas and pranayama.
More Than Meditation
Flow the body with yummy Hatha Yoga in preparation to flow the mind and soul. Stretch, open and re-connect to your body and prepare to enter a guided meditation journey. A complete yogic voyage into your whole self.

Yoga Class Pricing
1 Class: $15 USD
3 Classes: $40 USD
6 Classes: $60 USD
1 Month Unlimited: $125 USD
Privates available by appointment
Full-Time Playa Residents
First Class Free
1 Class: $100 pesos
8 Classes: $600 pesos
*1 Month Unlimited: $750 pesos

More Than Yoga Pricing
1 Class: $15 USD
3 Classes: $40 USD
8 Class Pass: $95 USD
Full-Time Playa Residents
1 Class: $120 pesos
8 Classes: $800 pesos (to be used within the month of purchase)
*Yoga By The Sea monthly pass holders (yoga classes) receive a discounted drop-in rate of $100 pesos per class