BuyPlaya Real Estate has been a proud sponsor of a local Akumal soccer team for several seasons now, and this season they really kicked butt again!

Akumal Riviera Maya soccer team 

First they made it to their league's quarter-finals in Tulum, where they had a tough game against the Bahía Príncipe team but managed to pull out a win. Next they headed to the semi-finals (also in Tulum) for the 4th season in a row! There, they defeated the Cabañeros and headed to the final game.

The championship game was a close match: it ended at 3 - 3 in regular time, and sadly they finally lost in overtime. The game truly was epic, with last-minute penalty shots, key player injuries and plenty of shouting from the stands. We're so proud of our team for their valiant efforts and great success in making it to the championship match this season!

Akumal Riviera Maya soccer league 

Akumal Tulum Riviera Maya soccer league 

This team has beaten incredible odds; they're one of the few teams in the league playing with no semi-pro players, making them the proverbial underdog story. It's a team made up of could-have-been-pro-players who are now taxi drivers, policemen, fishermen, divers, bell-boys, construction workers and artisans reliving their dream of playing soccer. For each member, being a part of this team helps them channel their energy into something positive and play just for the love of the sport.

Riviera Maya Akumal soccer league 

Congrats to the BuyPlaya Akumal soccer team, and we have high hopes of seeing you in the championship game once again next season!