It's time to reforest Playa del Carmen!

This Saturday, the eco organization Plant for the Planet along with the Solidaridad Municipal Government will be hosting the first Carrera Verde (Green Race) in town. This event allows Playa del Carmen runners to help a good cause and get in a great workout all in one morning.  

Playa del Carmen 5k race 

What makes this race different from the rest? The only sign-up fee required is that you bring a tree (species native to the region) to the race!

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 7am (participants are requested to show up half an hour earlier to pick up their race kit)

Place: The race begins at Avenue Arco Vial at Centro Maya

Categories: 2K (ages 6 - 12) and 5K (ages 13+)

Includes: T-shirt, race number, bracelet and certificate

To sign up: Fill out the form below and sign up at the Instituto del Deporte (Sports Institute), the Dirección de Medio Ambiente (Board of the Environment), or on the Carrera Verde Facebook page. Then, make sure to donate a native tree on the day of the race to help reforest Playa del Carmen once the race is completed. If you cannot bring a tree, the Dirección de Medio Ambiente will be happy to provide one for you.

Playa del Carmen 5k race 

Only a few days left to train for the Carrera Verde! Sign up now.