Learn all about anthroposophic art therapy right here in Playa del Carmen with Sanarte!

Sanarte Playa del Carmen anthroposophic art therapy 

During the months of September and October, Maya Moussa will be giving a 3-weekend workshop on anthroposophic art therapy. This fascinating technique uses the transformational powers of music, speech, movement, color and shape found within human beings to open up new possibilities and create a healing process. Experiment with different artistic methods during this eye-opening workshop, where your own body, mind and spirit come into play during an interactive art therapy session.

Block 1 (September 28 - 29): Intro to anthroposophic art therapy. Salutogenesis, concentration and expansion as organic forces and their dynamic in the therapeutic process. Artistic exercises with clay, watercolor and drawing.

Block 2 (October 5 - 6): Elements and temperaments. Building blocks for therapeutic art. The four-part organism. Therapeutic exercises with clay, watercolor and drawing.

Block 3 (October 12 - 13) The 7 techniques of therapeutic drawing. Its relation with planetary dynamics and the human organism. Art therapy exercises with pencil, charcoal and pastels.

Each class of the Sanarte workshop will be held at Ak Lu'um International School: A Waldorf Initiative, from 8am to 3pm, and from 5pm to 7pm. The cost for the class is $4,000 pesos.

Spend the next few weekends learning a new skill and getting in touch with your artistic talents!