Ever wondered what lies beneath the cenotes of the Riviera Maya?

You’re not alone!

This week, the Círculo Espeleológico de Mayab (Mayab Speology Circle) will be hosting three conferences on the mapping of the underground caves found throughout the state of Quintana Roo:


A Regional Approach to Quintana Roo Cave Cartography by Peter Sprouse

Beyond Making Cave Maps by Aaron Addison

Geologic Controls on Cave Development along the Quintana Roo Coast by Patricia Kambesis


Riviera Maya cenote mapping 


The conferences will be he held at the Centro Ecológico de Akumal offices on the evening of Saturday, August 17 starting at 5:30 pm, and admission is completely free. Two of the conferences will be given in English, while Peter Sprouse’s conference will be in English as well as Spanish.

The Círculo Espeleológico de Mayab is a group of friends dedicated to exploring, investigating, conserving and creating awareness when it comes to the fascinating underground cave systems and cenotes found all across the Yucatan Peninsula. Not only are their conferences of interest to fellow spelunkers and divers, but also for anyone interested in learning more about the ecology and environment surrounding the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula as a whole.

While many of us are frequent visitors to the region’s crystal clear cenotes for a relaxing day in the jungle, very few locals know about the wildlife and geography found in these unique cave formations. Miles upon miles of underground rivers and natural wells provide the ideal place for stalactites, caves and animals to form, and so far only a small percentage of the underground river network has been explored.

To learn more about the intriguing mapping process for our region’s underground rivers, stop by the Centro Ecológico de Akumal this Saturday evening for an educational night.