Make a new four legged friend every Thursday with Playa Animal Rescue! 

 PAR Playa Animal Rescue

PAR does a FANTASTIC job rescuing dogs from the streets, curing their illnesses and injuries and finding loving homes for these poor neglected souls, but to continue this noble task they need YOUR HELP!!


What can YOU do to HELP!?

  • Volunteer to walk dogs and leash train dogs to help make them more adoptable
  • Donate money, dog food, towels, medicines, leashes, collars, food dishes, syringes, etc...
  • Participate in weekly dog washing (every Saturday), dog walks (every Thursday), STERILIZATION clinics and special fundraising events
  • ADOPT a doggie!  Give one of these sweet rescue dogs a FURever home!
  • Transport a dog to their Furever home in the U.S. or Canada, if you are headed that direction, ask PAR if they have a doggie that needs a lift!
  • Sterilize your pets to help cut down on the street animal population.
  • SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell your friends and neighbors about the FABULOUS work that PAR does!   

For more information and directions to the shelter contact: or check out the facebook page: