Tonight is a double feature at the Parque Ceiba Movie Club.  The park is located on Calle 1 Sur on the west side of the highway.  The movie club starts at 7:30 every Friday night rain or shine!

Movie night 

Tonight's movies are:

Buscando a Larisa- Looking for Larisa; This film is born from two thousand feet of super 8 family movies, filmed between 1970 and 1980. They include part of Larisa’s Childhood: a fun, sympathetic, little blond girl who is very expressive in front of her father’s camera. A camera that over the course of decade registered her family life, their travels, work days, birthdays and other family events.

Granicero-Noe's life is upset after he is hit by a bolt of lightning which has the effect of making him begin a spiritual search with the help of a "granicero" -an important character in central Mexico rural world who keeps the Pre-Hispanic tradition of controlling meteorological phenomena.