Starting today!!  Open auditions to form part of the Playa del Carmen City Rock and Pop Symphony Orchestra will be held through January 25th.

Auditions Rock Pop Orquestra Playa del Carmen 

To be eligible to audition: you must be between 13 and 21 years of age for musicians and between 15 and 21 for singers, be a student and you must be an experienced/accomplished musician.

MPV (Mi Propria Voz) is auditioning for the following musicians:

1 Lead guitar
2 Rhythmic Guitars
1 Electric Guitar
1 Drummer
1 Percussionist
1 Pianist
1 Keyboardist
1 Bass
4 Violins
1 Clarinet
1 DJ Sampler
12 Choir Voice Artists
10 Soloist Vocal Artists 

To make an audition appointment call 984 165 6191 or visit Mi Propia Voz on facebook.