It's that time of year again! Cozumel is gearing up for their biggest party of the year- CARNIVAL!  The Carnival 2013 festivities have already begun on the island of Cozumel beginning January 12, with the pre-Carnival program which begins the selection process of the Kings and Queens of Carnival.

cozumel carnival


This years party theme is Treasure Island, for the celebration that Miss Carnival 2013 will proudly reign over in her fine Carnival regalia. The small island of Cozumel dresses in its finest to receive national and international tourism for the biggest celebration of the year in which visitors will enjoy the outstanding performances of: Manuel Mijares (February 9th show at the Moby Dick Center), Grupo Cañaveral (Explanada Park February 10th) Group Moderatto (February 11th show at the Moby Dick Center) and The Electronic Touch 3 Ball MTY will put on a show the 12th of  February on the Explanada Park of Cozumel.

The last day of Carnival Cozumel closes with burning of Juan Carnaval- a site and PARTY not to be missed!!!