Look around at all the reflections of yourself in your life.  Do you see anything you would like to change or better?  Reflections of blockage in your life could be sickness, health, lack of relationships, fear, sadness, depression, desperation, misunderstandings, loneliness, insecurity, guilt, and other negative feelings.

 self help workshop playa del carmen

This self help workshop will help you to see your self in 7 different "mirrors": the mirror of the moment, to help you look at what is repetitive in your life; the mirror of judgement, because what you judge most harshly is what you attract; the mirror of loss, looks at what you admire in others; the mirror of forgotten love, how addiction impedes desires; the mirror of parents as creators, looks at karmatic relationships; the mirror that reflects your interior light into the dark and the mirror of compassion, exercises for identifying personal projects.

The price for this two day workshop is $400 pesos.  For more information write to dabarlupita@hotmail.com.