Yoga with Marti johnson


WAKE UP! with Marti Johnston

Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Jivana Yoga Retreats
Cost: $450 mn includes lunch
Reservation: 50% deposit to reserve your spot

Would you like to deepen your practice? Would you like to observe your self and others with more compassion, less judgment? Would you like to have more acceptance of what IS, rather than grasping for what might be? Powerful and transforming, let us open our eyes and see clearly the beauty that lies within, and without.

The central question of yoga is "Who Am I". Cultivating svadhaya, self-study, we can cultivate an attitude of impartiality and endurance to the apparent dualities of life around us, learning to see who we really are: a spark of the DIVINE!

Through the powerful practices of yoga, through movement and breath, chanting and meditation we will investigate how to activate discriminating awareness to see clearly, to see and accept reality as it is. Stepping into Witness Consciousness is the activation of vijnanamaya kosha, our Wisdom body.

During our day together, we will deeply look and listen to prana waking up. This waking up helps us unravel samskaras, our programming and ruts, of making what is unconscious, stored in our body memory, conscious. Learning to see our self with compassion, free of judgment, with curiosity is learning to see what IS, learning to see Who I Am, with love.

Jivana Yoga Retreats

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