Big spaces are not necessary to have a fantastic garden!  You can feed yourself and your family wonderfully fresh organic produce that you grew with love.  In this intensive workshop you will learn to garden in small little bitty tiny spaces with big results!  

Yax Pax Organic Gardening Seminar 

This all day workshop will be held at Yax Pax organic store in Cancun, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Topics that will be addressed are:  an introduction to organic agricultural concepts such as the influence of the cycles of the moon, the natural cycles of planting, watering and the function of microbiology in organic gardening; the generation of soil and regenerating tired soil with compost; organic pest control and fertilizing with all natural ingredients; rotating crops, planting, germinating and transplanting for the best results; and the benefits of having a home garden for food production.