On August 21, 2007, Hurricane Dean bringing winds of over 250 km per hour, ripped through the small coastal village of Mahahual. The town was devastated, its residents left with close to nothing. Not only was the town in shambles, its main source of income, the international cruise ship dock, was critically damaged. One year later, the first festival of Jats'a-Ja' was created to celebrate Mahahual's resilience and rebirth. Jats'a-ja' is now held every year on the third weekend in August.

Since its inaugural event in 2008, the cultural festival of Majahual, "Jatsa-Ja", has achieved international recognition as it has been included in the program of official 2012 "Mundo Maya" activities. "Jatsa-Ja" has an international appeal that is certain to bring a strong boost for tourism in Mahahual and the Costa Maya.The Jats'a Ja Festival is a great achievement for Costa Maya citizens and business leaders who have joined forces to create an event that combines cultural, sporting, environmental, dining and entertainment events for visitors.

The 2012 Jats'a Ja Festival will be held Aug. 16 - 19 in Mahahual. The schedule of festival events is posted below.


Costa Maya Jats'a Ja Festival 2012
Source: http://www.grandcostamaya.com/