June 1st at 8pm the Garza-Calderon family and their friends invite you to attend an evening of cocktails, canapes, fun and surprises under the stars at Indigo Beach Club at El Taj Condominiums.

A donation of $200 mn is requested. This is the latest in a series of fundraising events, the proceeds from which will go to support promising medical treatments for their son Matteo. Matteo needs this opportunity to try an advanced neurological treatment to treat SLI.

Specific Language Impairment (SLI) is diagnosed when a child's language does not develop normally and the difficulties cannot be accounted for by generally slow development (mental retardation), physical abnormality of the speech apparatus, autistic disorder, acquired brain damage or hearing loss. (Wikipedia)

For more information about these fundraising effort, please visit the Todos Por Mateo Facebook Page.

Noche Por Mateo Fundraiser