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Yoga Riviera MayaThe Art & Architecture of Asanas, the Body Temple - Amazing Advance Yoga Lesson (90 minutes) with great teacher MARTI JOHNSTON

"Our bodies are our temples, our vehicles for the dance of life."

For the inner and outer aesthetic of the archetypal poses we regular embody, and for a healthy, injury free practice, correct alignment opens us physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

The morning practice will focus on alignment in various postures. Starting from the ground up with a particular emphasis on the spine, we will investigate correct anatomical placement of feet, knees, pelvis, ribs, shoulders and head. Explorations will involve looking at physical and energetic lines in the various asanas; angles, curves, spirals, and circles from the center to the outer edges of our peripherals, whether in motion from one pose to another, or in breathful stillness while holding a shape.

In our afternoon conversation, we will see how Hatha yoga (no matter what style) invites access through our body temple to fulfill the eight limbs of Patanjali's classical yoga, the devotion of Bhakti, the self-study of Jnana, and the surrender of the outcomes of our practice, Karma yoga."

9am      Meeting
9.30am Yoga lesson with Marti
11am    Snacks and pool time
1pm      Lunch
1.45pm Conversation with Marti
3pm      End of a beautiful workshop day!

Jivana yoga Retreats

UP TO 30 STUDENTS....Reserve your place!
Bring swimsuit, and towel
Price $450MN