Inspired by his passion for the Buddhist philosophy and teachings, Diego García transports us through his lens to an intimate encounter with the compassion, the wisdom and the magic of Tibetan Buddhism.

On Wednesday February 22, Diego will present an exciting and inspiring exposition of photographs from his travels through Tibet, Nepal and Buthan.

Karuna - Photo Exposition of Buddhism in Tibet 

Karuna means compassion. For Buddhism, compassion is an aspiration, a mental state: the wish for all the sentient beings to be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. Genuine compassion must have wisdom (the understanding of reality with out an intrinsic or absolute existence and created by our own concepts) and loving kindness (the wish for all to be happy).

This wish makes us train our mind in order to transform it and understand reality from a different perspective. This search lead me to the encounter with realized masters full of wisdom and compassion. They are my inspiration.

Everything that gives life to this Journey into Tibetan Buddhism is the result of those  encounters. Is just what has happened during 8 years around those magical moments with this wonderful beings. Sentient beings just like us that through study, reflection,  meditation, and a pure motivation have realized that wisdom and they share it with the purpose of benefiting others and guide us towards enlightenment.