The Kid's Way Themes that we have covered so far:

Ahimsa: non-violence
Santosha: happiness/contentment
Samadi: the light within/pure bliss
Prana: our life force
Apana: letting go of what is not needed.
Shauca: purity, cleanliness
Satya: Truth, honesty

The theme for this week's class will be based on the Yogic theme Aparigraha. The sanscrit term asks for the control of greed and the encouragement of sharing. We will learn our word and what it means, chanting, headstands, back bends, chance for your child to breifly lead the class, Apargraha Frisbee Art project, and a closing chant that promotes peace and harmony. Love is far more important than money. If you have spiritual knowledge, share with others who are in need and with those who wish to have it—those who are receptive. Give, share, love.

Yoga for kids in Playa del Carmen 

The Kid's Way Yoga class meets every Friday at 4:30 pm at Yoga by the Way on calle 26 between 5th and 10th. The classes are best suited for children from ages 4-8. The cost is $70 mn per child, per class. Parents please bring your children up to studio level. Comfortable clothes and a bottle of water are recommended. Class begins on time and ends promptly at 5:30 pm. Please pick up your child at studio level.