Wine Tasting Event in Puerto MorelosTonight, February 17 at 6pm in Puerto Morelos, Casa Caribe and Tulipanes are hosting the second evening of wine appreciation "Understanding Argentinian Wine" featuring a nice variety of fascinating wines of Argentina courtesy of The Vines in Cancun. So many excellent Argentinian wines are available here in Mexico, many of which you may be unfamiliar with. Come learn about the growing regions, the terrior, the winemakers, the varietals...especially their famous Bonarda!

Guests will be able to taste a Malbec/Bonarda/Merlot blend from the bodega of Atilio Avena in Mendoza, the Amante Malbec from Escorihuela Gascon, Puerto Ancona Bonarda, a Dante Robino Malbc and finally an Extra Brut Espumante.

All the wines will be paired with delicious appetizers from Puerto Morelos' famous Little Mexican Cooking School. Chef Pablo is working with Sergio Rossini, with 9 years commercial Argentinian wine industry for 9 years, to present you with the very best pairings of wine and food.

The cost for this special event will be $400 pesos per person. Reservations are required. Seating is limited.  Call 998 251-8060 or email