The Kid's Way Themes that we have covered so far:

Ahimsa: non-violence
Santosha: happiness/contentment
Samadi: the light within/pure bliss
Prana: our life force
Apana: letting go of what is not needed.
Shauca: purity, cleanliness

The theme for this week's class is Satya: Truth and honesty. We'll start with some breathing, calming exercises....then some sanskrit chanting and singing...some funky sun salutes, headstands and back-bends....followed by an art project...and another chant that promotes peace and harmony. Wont you join us this week?

The Kid's Way Yoga class meets every Friday at 4:30 pm at Yoga by the Way on calle 26 between 5th and 10th. The classes are best suited for children from ages 4-8. The cost is $70 mn per child, per class. Parents please bring your children up to studio level. Comfortable clothes and a bottle of water are recommended. Class begins on time and ends promptly at 5:30 pm. Please pick up your child at studio level. 

The Kid's Way Yoga Class