On February 26th, Lol ha Restaurant in Akumal will host its annual Academy Awards telecast and Oscar Party!

Oscar Party at LolHa 

Opening ceremony with a special singing performance by "Wicker".  Truly a class act!

We will  invite everyone onto the cat walk to participate in our contest!

A panel of judges will preside to elect  Best Dressed Female and Male Category, and Best Look Alike Female and Male Category!

No Red Carpet Ceremony this year because we want all of you to model on the Cat Walk and have your picture taken by the paparazzi! Practice your poses! We won't be interviewing you, just look great and smile!

Bet for the Oscar winners!

Enjoy our delicious Appetizer Buffet!

Tickets on sale with Victor. $100 pesos per person. He will reserve your table at the same time.

All proceeds will be earmarked for our Entrance Beautification Project!

Get out. Get noticed. Get prizes!