Last week, the Yoga theme was PRANA ....All yoga practices ultimately engage the movement of prana—the innate life force. This week we turn our attention to APANA —of equal importance in the practice of yoga. While prana governs the intake functions, apana, which is most active in the pelvis and lower abdomen, governs the eliminative functions and the downward and outward flow of energy in the body. The focus is on teaching children that its important to let go of what is not needed.

Funky sun salutes. followed by our favorite asanas and asanas that encourage the movement of apana, an art project and a closing chant that promotes peace, harmony and love. See you there!!! Namaste ♥

The Kid's Way Yoga class meets every Friday at 4:30 pm at Yoga by the Way on calle 26 between 5th and 10th. The classes are best suited for children from ages 4-8. The cost is $70 mn per child, per class. Parents please bring your children up to studio level. comfortable clothes and a bottle of water is recommended. Class begins on time and ends promptly at 5:30 pm. Please pick up your child at studio level. 

The Kids Way Yoga Class