Every Saturday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Parque la Ceiba holds its regular "tianguis" (pronounced tee-an-geese). Tianguis is a Nahuatl word from the Aztecs which refers to an open-air market. The Mexican tianguis, traditionally, will be set up on a certain day in certain neighborhood. Markets can be specialized to one particular product or varied, taking on the feel of a flea market.

The tianguis at Parque la Ceiba attracts craftspeople and artisans to gather and offer their wares and services. Local families and small farmers will offer fresh produce, the park's nursery will be selling indigenous plants and consultations with traditional Maya healers will be available. The park is open to the public free of charge and is a wonderful gathering place for local families.

This Saturday, Tianguis presents: "Huateque Decembrinas" a popular festival full of colors and flavors of the season. Posada, pastorale and piñatas for children and adults. Feast on mucbipollos (a seasoned chicken tamale wrapped in plantain leaves and cooked in an underground barbeque pit), tortas with cochinita pipil or relleno negro and traditional holiday "ponce" (fruit punch). This will be the last bazaar before the holidays so be sure to stop in and find some unique gifts for your friends and family!

Saturday Tianguis at Parque la Ceiba