The town of Tulum is now growing rapidly and with it the population of urban "wildlife", homeless cats and dogs left to fend for themselves on the streets. The methods used for the past 10 years for animal control in Tulum have not been effective to any measurable degree. The time has come to change the strategies and to rectify the situation.

After researching with sustainable statistics, it has become clear that there is no other solution
to the overpopulation of urban wildlife except mass sterilization campaigns that are ongoing and not sporadic. Dr. Damian Cano of the Municipal Department of Public Health, various animal welfare groups of Tulum, private companies and civil society members of the municipal government have proposed the creation of a Center for Animal Welfare and Protection of Tulum (Centro de Bienestar y Protección Animal de Tulum - CeBiPAT) to replace "la perrera", which is the city dog pound.
The mission of CeBiPAT is to educate, sterilize and revise the regulations for animal protection. The model that is proposed for Tulum is not new, has already been applied with excellent results for the past 14 years in the town of Almirante Brown in Argentina and for the last 4 years in the municipality of Toluca Alba.

This center will offer permanent free sterilization services for all pets of the inhabitants of Tulum and the surrounding areas as well as for dogs and cats in the community who are "ownerless".

Mexico is experiencing a critical moment in his political life where values ​​revolve around violence, money and power. The method of collecting and killing of animals only promotes the idea of ​​life being disposable and creating a breeding ground for sociopaths and criminals. This is not the solution. Finding value in each animal's life and taking responsibility for their welfare is an excellent way to show children and young people that every life has value and should be respected.

Let's make this plan a reality and inspire other municipalities by positioning Tulum as the first no-kill municipality in Mexico.
The CeBiPAT model's success is the synergy that is formed when government and civil society are committed to making a change. This proposal has been accepted and now they need your help.
There will be an event on November 17th in front of the ADO Bus Station in Tulum with music, dance, refreshments and a raffle to support this new endeavor. This is not only a fundraiser but also an opportunity to raise awareness in the community. Admission is only $50 mn per person and includes a beverage and a raffle ticket.
For more information, contact the organizers through the Propuesta CeBiPAT Facebook Page.
CeBiPAT Fundraiser 

We want to be able to say: "Tulum does not murder, it sterilizes!"