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Puerto Morelos Real Estate Listings

The first major town south of Cancun, Puerto Morelos has managed to maintain the tranquility and pace of a sleepy fishing village. Unlike Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the town has seen little change in the past decade. Recently, we are noticing a surge of development. Beachfront villas, new hotels and even condo complexes are springing up seemingly overnight. The introduction of El Cid may have spurred this new interest in the area but, comparatively speaking, Puerto Morelos still remains a quaint and quieter alternative to busy tourist driven towns.

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For a broader range of properties that may be available in Puerto Morelos and all along the Riviera Maya, please click on the "More Listings" link above. These listings are imported from numerous external Real Estate Agencies and stored in a centralized database. The data is only as good as the agents who maintain it. For this reason, we can neither confirm the current availability of these listings nor the accuracy of the information given. Unfortunately, much of the information may be out of date.