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Learn Spanish in 3 days in Playa del Carmen! We know so many English-speaking expats who moved to Playa expecting to pick up all the Spanish they needed just by living here, but it’s not always as easy as it looks. Many locals here speak excellent English, making it hard to find ways to practice our Spanish, even though most of us are dying to learn the language and connect with other people living in Playa del Carmen on a deeper cultural level.


The next Super Thinking Spanish Class will take place on November 27, 28 and 29, 2015 right here in Playa del Carmen. This class uses a special method of teaching that allows you to learn Spanish at an accelerated rate… and you’ll be speaking Spanish in just 3 days!

The class will take place from 9am to 5pm in the Playacar Phase I neighborhood of Playa del Carmen on each of the 3 days, with a 2-hour lunch break. Requirements:

  • You must have a complete grasp of the English language
  • Bring a pen, a memory stick and a sweater to class
  • No computers or cell phones in class


This Spanish language class even coincides with the dates for the famous Riviera Maya Jazz Festival (which runs November 26 – 28, 2015)! You can take advantage of your trip to Playa del Carmen to learn Spanish by day, and see live jazz music on the beach by night.

The course has a cost of $299 USD per person, or $499 USD per couple. The price includes:
  • Native Spanish-speaking pronunciation coach in every class
  • The complete class lesson book to take home
  • Lesson recordings and relaxation exercises to take home (bring your memory stick)
  • Coffee, tea and water at break times

The class is taught by Shawn and Suzanne Bandick, a Canadian couple who now lives right here in Playa del Carmen. Their story:

"In 2001 on a quest for adventure and a change of culture we packed up our two kids, and moved from British Columbia, Canada to Mexico.  We spent ten years in Mexico struggling to learn Spanish feeling overwhelmed and inadequate in the memorization of the hundreds of verbs and the many conjugations of them that all our tutors told us we needed to do. This course changed everything for us. We are thrilled to now be in a space that speaking in Spanish flows for us! We became teachers because of a desire to empower others and hopefully help them avoid the struggle we went through. This method of teaching definitely empowers people! Imagine learning to speak a new language with ease and joy.”

For more information on this course and its methods, visit the Bandick’s Learn Spanish in 3 Days website, or send an e-mail to Suzanne at sswinbiz@hotmail.com

We’ve seen a lot of cool things on 5th Avenue during our years living in Playa del Carmen, but this past Friday offered a whole new experience. If you happened to be walking along 5th Avenue by 28th Street around 6pm last Friday, you saw a small crowd of people sitting on both sides of the street… reading books!


Of course, the BuyPlaya Real Estate team had to take some pictures and find out more. It turns out this wasn’t just happening here on 5th Avenue – it was also taking place in countries throughout the world, all on the same day, August 14. These book readers were participating in the Primera Jornada Mundial de ‘Aire Libro’ (the First World Book Mob Day – like the famous flash mobs where groups perform a surprise choreographed dance in public, but with books). During this Book Mob, participants choose their own text to read, then read it aloud with the other participants simultaneously.

Here in Playa del Carmen, the Book Mob began with the blowing of a conch shell. Sitting against signs, posts and trees, the readers sat down on the street and pulled out their novels, quietly enjoying the books and sharing with others for a span of 20 minutes. Passersby looked on curiously, and some even stopped to ask more.









The conch shell sounded again at the end of 20 minutes, and the readers raised their books over their heads and shouted, “Leer libera!” (which means “reading frees you”). Participants then stood in a circle in the middle of 5th Avenue, and spent some time reading their books aloud, simultaneously. What a beautiful sound!




The idea for the Book Mob began in Colombia, and was brought to Playa del Carmen as part of Libros Libres (Free Books), a local initiative that organizes book exchanges as a way to encourage reading among the local community here in Playa. It was Rossy Vivanco and Paola Adriana Caliz Lopez of Libros Libres who organized this 5th Avenue event. Rossy Vivanco states, “A child, a young person who reads is a happy person. In these times with the way things are in Mexico, reading can be a way to escape, or art in general. Our proposal is that people don’t have to spend money; we can give them the opportunity to read.”


For this first Book Mob event, Playa del Carmen joined other participating countries like Italy, Peru, France, the United States, Colombia, Canada, other cities in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and more. In total, over 25 countries across the globe joined in! The Book Mob provided a unique, memorable and public way to spread awareness about the joy and benefits of reading.

To learn more about book exchanges in Playa del Carmen, click here to follow Libros Libres on Facebook.

Playa del Carmen locals have been loving the city’s new theater! Seats nearly sold out throughout the venue’s opening week, with an average of 95% occupancy. Named Teatro de la Ciudad, this beautiful new performance space will be offering all kinds of shows: dance, concerts, plays and more. Riviera Maya Events even had the opportunity to see the Quintana Roo Symphonic Orchestra performance on the theater’s second night. As locals, it’s clear that we have many memorable evenings to look forward to thanks to the theater.


This weekend, Teatro de la Ciudad is going a step further with an exciting and fun-filled show: a tribute to “The King” Elvis Presley. The show features performing artist Dany Lova, an Elvis impersonator who lives right here in Playa del Carmen! What a perfect way to honor the King of Rock and Roll with true Playa del Carmen style.


The show is scheduled for this Sunday, August 16, a date chosen in honor of the 38th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Now, we’re hearing that tickets for the show sold so quickly this week that Teatro de la Ciudad has decided to add a second show time in order to accommodate everyone. Shows will be Sunday night at 6pm and 8pm. Best of all: the show is FREE! You can pick up your tickets directly at the theater’s ticket counter on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 from 10am to 6pm, or until they sell out. We recommend picking up your tickets soon, to make sure you can get a seat.

Teatro de la Ciudad will also have two shows this Saturday, August 15: a kids show called “Pipi” at 5pm and 7pm, and a comedic play for teens and adults called “Lentas pero seguras” at 8:30pm. Tickets for both of these shows will be available at the theater’s ticket counter Friday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. (And yes, both shows are free!)



Teatro de la Ciudad is located on Circuito Chinchorro and Avenida 115, right by Walmart La Cruz. To stay in-the-loop on their upcoming shows, follow Teatro de la Ciudad on Facebook.

For many years, Playa del Carmen has been known for its colorful art scene characterized by street art galleries, live music played in locally-owned restaurants, and dances performed at city festivals. This year, the city’s cultural scope has widened with the opening of the new Teatro de la Ciudad (Theater of the City).

Playa del Carmen theater 

Playa del Carmen theater 

The beautiful and modern theater was inaugurated on July 29, followed by a week of captivating performances that included a concert by the Quintana Roo Symphonic Orchestra (accompanied by dancers from the Solidaridad Contemporary Dance Company), performances of The Vagina Monologues, a ballet gala with the State Dance Company, and lively performances by Marionetas Shuto (Shuto Puppets).

Playa del Carmen theater 

Source: Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page

Playa del Carmen theater 

Source: Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page 

Playa del Carmen theater 

Source: Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page 

We had the chance to see the Quintana Roo Symphonic Orchestra on July 30 for their second performance at the Teatro de la Ciudad. The theater’s modern design stands out beautifully when it’s lit up in the evening. Even though we arrived 45 minutes early, there was already a line forming for last-minute tickets outside the main entrance. Once inside, the stunning lobby area was lined with paintings, photography and other art pieces created by local and international artists.

Playa del Carmen theater 

Playa del Carmen theater 

The entire theater filled up by the time the concert began. Although the stage setup was simple with just the orchestra and color-changing backdrop, the performance was so powerful that it held the entire audience captive throughout the night. Dances by individuals, couples and trios from the Solidaridad Contemporary Dance Company provided a beautiful complement to the classical music.

Playa del Carmen theater 

Source: Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page 

Playa del Carmen theater 

Source: Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page 

Since its opening night, the Teatro de la Ciudad has hosted 9 performances with over 6,000 spectators. Each night has been filled at 95% capacity; the theater has 736 seats, averaging 700 people per night! Clearly the Playa del Carmen community has been dying for an artistic venue of this caliber.

Playa del Carmen theater 

The theater’s next (free!) show will be held on August 16 in honor of the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death; the performance will be a musical by local artist and Elvis impersonator Dan Lova.

Teatro de la Ciudad is located near Walmart La Cruz, on Circuito Chinchorro between Avenida 115 and 120 (behind the Playa del Carmen Cultural Center). To find out more about upcoming performances and tickets, follow the Teatro de la Ciudad Facebook page.

Whether you’re buying a home in Playa del Carmen or already living in this piece of paradise, make an effort to experience the city’s growing art scene. You’ll be surprised by what this little beach town can do!

El Cine Club is often hosting public movie showings in Playa del Carmen, most notably their seasonal Documentary Wednesdays and Film Fridays at Parque La Ceiba, along with other film screenings throughout the year in different Playa del Carmen locations.


Now, El Cine Club is teaming up with the famous Blue Parrot beach club for “Noches de Cine Frente al Mar” (Movie Nights by the Ocean). This Wednesday, May 13 at 7:30 pm, they’ll be presenting the documentary “Marley” at the Blue Parrot.


Directed by Kevin MacDonald, the film depicts unseen aspects of reggae musician Bob Marley’s life, featuring never-before-seen live performances, unedited music, and interviews with Marley’s family, friends and connections. You’ll have the chance to learn more about his early life as well as his international rise to fame. And what better place to enjoy some reggae culture than at the beach? The Blue Parrot is a beautiful venue by day or by night, set at the end of Calle 12 in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Enjoy ocean breezes, moonlit waters and eye-catching style at this beach club and nightclub on the sand.


Admission to Noches de Cine Frente al Mar is completely free. Attendees will also have a chance to win free tickets to the Macka B reggae concert on Sunday, May 17 (also at the Blue Parrot).

For more information on this film screening and upcoming movie showings in Playa del Carmen, visit El Cine Club’s Facebook page and ElCineClub.info

The Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Quintana Roo is returning to Playa del Carmen. This Sunday, May 3 at 7pm, they will perform at the Poliforum with a special concert dedicated to local boys and girls. The concert will include musical themes by renowned children’s singer-songwriter Francisco Gabilondo Soler “Cri Cri” and from the Disney film Fantasia. Everyone is invited to enjoy the concert completely free!

Playa del Carmen cultural event 

Maestro Ricardo Corona, conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra, extended the invitation to all local families on Mexico’s Children’s Day holiday (April 30). Boys and girls are especially invited to celebrate by attending the special concert this Sunday at Poliforum Playa del Carmen. Corona stated, “We are lovingly organizing a program for kids of all ages, from 1 to 100 years old, with a beautiful and dynamic repertoire to share with the entire family.”

Playa del Carmen cultural event 

The Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Quintana Roo is made up of 60 professional musicians and singers from all across the world: Europe, the United States, Cuba, Latin America and Mexico, including locals from Quintana Roo state like soprano Laura Chuc. The group has successfully played across the entire state, including Playa del Carmen. A warm reception from their Playa del Carmen audiences has driven conductor Ricardo Corona to aim for more shows in this destination with a variety of different themes, so future audiences can expect plenty of surprises.

Playa del Carmen cultural event 

“We believe that music can be a very important tool in social cohesion, entertainment and leisure, and we’re working toward that,” added Corona, who also repeated his personal wish for the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Quintana Roo to have their headquarters right here in Playa del Carmen. He mentioned that this city is “growing dizzyingly, and with the cultural boom achieved by the current administration, it would be more than excellent that the orchestra grew along with this destination.”

So bring the kids along for a free orchestra concert designed especially for them! This Sunday, May 3 at 7pm at the Poliforum Playa del Carmen. It’s free of charge!


This coming Sunday, April 26th at 4pm, El Hongo invites the public to their First Annual Ejido Cultural Festival which will feature:


- Organic Food and Artisan Craft Market of Playa del Carmen; Created with the aim of bringing small producers and consumers together.

- A live performance of A Pasión Arte; An organization created to foster personal development, cultural sensitivity, artistic spirit and positive social behavior in Playa del Carmen's youth through musical theater.  

- Art exposition from local artist Alan Mendez

- Live music by Auténtica Sonora Mezcalera and Chan Santa Roots

- Authentic Pre-Hispanic Dance Performances

- Conference and workshop regarding community gardens


Located in the Ejido neighborhood on Calle 19 Sur between 80th and 85th avenues, El Hongo is an authentic Mexican Restaurant and a cultural center that provides creative and inspiring social projects for its community.


The owners of El Hongo frequently welcome the kids of their immediate community to be a part of cultural activities that help them open their minds and consciences about their own natural environment.


The entrance fee for this event is ONE CHILDS TOY- the collected toys will be given to the children of Calle 19 Sur Project. This Festival is an opportunity to get to know the local community as well as the inspiring people and projects like this, that are going on in our lovely city. 

Two new international-level events will join the cultural scene that is blooming here in Playa del Carmen. The city's first international festivals for theater and dance have been set for the months of November and December, respectively.

"Fortunately there are fans in Playa del Carmen, and this year we will present the Festival Internacional de Teatro here in Playa del Carmen, and the Festival Internacional de Danza; they will take place in November and December," said Subsecretary of Culture Lilian Villanueva Chan.

This lineup of events is planned to be annual, and the city has begun to design a plan for large events in every artistic genre. The host will be the new Teatro de la Ciudad (City Theater), which will be inaugurated within the next few months.


Source: Adrián Barreto/SIPSE

These two new festivals will be part of Playa del Carmen's four main international cultural events, also including the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in November, and the Riviera Maya Film Festival this month (with other Mexico states also participating).


Source: Riviera Maya Film Festival Facebook page

Villanueva Chan also stated that over the next few months they will have even more details about the new theater and dance festivals, which cannot be revealed now due to laws with the upcoming elections.

"You the Playenses (Playa del Carmen locals) are the luckiest; here there are many events, and we are going to bring even more with these two festivals, which will bring this generation a cultural identity based on art," she continued.

Villanueva Chan also revealed that preparations have already begun for the Festival de Cultura del Caribe, with Cuba as this year's featured guest country.

See the original article here (in Spanish).

One of the Riviera Maya’s favorite annual events is back! The Akumal Comedy Festival 2015 will run from April 14 – 18 with stand-up comedy in English and in Spanish.


Despite the name, this year’s Akumal Comedy Festival won’t be limited to the Akumal area; the event will take place in all of the Riviera Maya’s top destinations, including shows in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and several areas of Akumal itself.

For its 4th year, the festival boasts a wide variety of comedic talent with nearly two dozen comedians. Mexican headliners or the event include El Cojo Feliz, Roberto Andrade and Daniel Sosa. International headliners featured at the festival include Darryl Lenox, Maggie Faris and Derek Sheen, in addition to returning fan favorites Chad Daniels, Tommy Ryman and JT Habersaat.


The Akumal Comedy Festival 2015 will kick off on Tuesday, April 14 at Mateo’s Mexican Grill in Tulum. Over the following few days, nearly a dozen comedy showcases will be held throughout the Riviera Maya, and all proceeds from the event will benefit the Mexican Red Cross.

There will also be a few Spanish-language comedy shows, perfect for Mexican comedy fans as well as international visitors who want to test their Spanish skills and have some fun!

See the full itinerary for this year’s big event on the Akumal Comedy Festival website.

You can also purchase advance show tickets now on the festival’s website, or purchase them directly with each venue as of April 1, 2015. All proceeds from the Akumal Comedy Festival will go to the Red Cross delegations based in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.


For additional information, you can also visit the Akumal Comedy Festival Facebook page and Facebook group.

We are proud to once again be one of this year’s sponsors for the festival! At BuyPlaya Akumal Real Estate, we love to support the local cultural community, especially for such a great cause.


BuyPlaya Akumal Real Estate

Carretera Cancun-Tulum

Akumal, Q.R.

01 984 803 2487 MX Office

+1 518 250 1269 US/CA

01 984 115 4611  MX Mobile

The Riviera Maya’s big foodie fest is back!

March 12 – 15, 2015, the now famous Cancun - Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival will once again grace the region with its presence. You’ll have the chance to sample cuisine from some of the world’s top chefs, all within the gorgeous tropical setting that the Cancun and Riviera Maya area has to offer.

Riviera Maya food festival 

Over the past few years, the culinary scene here in the Riviera Maya area has transformed into something truly spectacular. We’re still able to feast on the occasional cheap taco from our favorite street cart, or we can spend an evening at local restaurants created by famous chefs. The Cancun – Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival is yet another step toward becoming a world-renowned foodie destination.

Riviera Maya food festival 

Riviera Maya food festival 

The entire 4-day event is filled with activities to get your taste buds tingling, including celebrity conferences, numerous wine and spirit tastings, star chef dinners, beach parties, and several cooking classes for only 20 – 24 people. Of course this festival is never complete without an amazing tour, and this year they’re offering a catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres with legendary chefs and celebrity wine makers. The “Divas of Mexican Cuisine” gala is sure to be an unforgettable event, where 10 of Mexico’s best female chefs will prepare a 5-course dinner.

Riviera Maya food festival 

As always, the 2015 Cancun – Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival will also feature its popular Gourmet Tasting Village at the Moon Palace Arena on March 14 and 15, where you can mingle with top chefs, sample delicious wines and try dishes from the region’s best restaurants.

Events for the Cancun – Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival will be held at several different venues, including the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach, Live Aqua Cancun, Moon Palace Arena and more. To find out all the details on pricing, tickets, locations and times for all of these incredible culinary events, stop by the festival’s website or the CRM Festival Facebook page.

Here in Mexico, Valentine’s Day is also known as “El Dia del Amor y la Amistad” (The Day of Love and Friendship). It’s a date to celebrate with that special someone as well as your closest friends, and in the Riviera Maya you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate February 14 no matter who you’re with. Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day events coming up in Playa del Carmen, Akumal and beyond this year:



Erotic Menu at Hotel Cacao

Location: Playa del Carmen, 5th Avenue and Calle 32

Treat yourself to a fun and unique date night! This hot new property on Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue will be featuring a sensual menu created by acclaimed chefs Martha Ortiz and Alejandro Cuatepotzo. The Erotic Menu at Nibs restaurant is part of the hotel’s chic and edgy style combined with the romance of Playa del Carmen. The cost is $1800 pesos per person (about $123 USD) and includes wine pairing. For information and reservations, call (984)206-4199 or e-mail Info@HotelCacao.com



Concert and Fundraiser at Lol-Ha Restaurant, Akumal

Location: Right on Akumal Bay

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

This famous beachfront restaurant is hosting a beautiful event combining dinner and a concert by Eleanor Dubinsky from New York. There will be a raffle to raise money for a bathroom upgrade at the Akumal Primary School; raffle tickets cost $300 pesos ($23 USD), with prizes like a hotel stay, goodies and more. Make your reservation at LolHa@HotelAkumalCaribe.com



Giant Heart on the Beach

Location: Playa del Carmen, by the Portal Maya statue (on the beach by the ferry dock)

Time: 12pm

Soy Playense is organizing a beautiful gathering on the beach by Parque Fundadores and the ferry dock right at noon on Valentine's Day. Everyone will then be organized to form a giant heart shape on the beach.  A drone will fly overhead to take pictures and video, and you'll later be able to download your photo for free. Follow the event details with the hashtag #CorazónPlayense


Art and Music at Le Lotus Rouge

Location: Playa del Carmen, 35th Avenue and Calle 2 Norte

Do something a little different this Valentine's Day! The charming bohemian venue Le Lotus Rouge is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a night of events:

8pm: Art show opening with paintings by 6-year-old child prodigy Erick

9pm: Live singing by Paula Liebe

10pm: Live rock band

11pm: Acrobatic show and dancing



Cirque Saturday at Blue Parrot

Location: Playa del Carmen, Calle 12 between 1st Avenue and the beach

For all the night owls! This nightclub on the beach will have a special Valentine's Day event with cash and bottle prizes by Salt Tequila. Enjoy live entertainment like fire shows and acrobats right on the beach!



Romantic Dinner at Imprevist

Location: Playa del Carmen, 1st Avenue between Calle 14 Norte and Calle 16

This restaurant is the perfect setting for a quiet and romantic dinner. On February 14, they're offering a special multi-course menu to tantalize your tastebuds. To reserve your table, send an e-mail to Reservations@Imprevist.mx



4-Course Dinner for Two at Salt Rock Grille

Location: Playa del Carmen, 5th Avenue between Calle 34 and Calle 38

This intimate and charming restaurant is offering a 4-course Valentine's Day dinner special for only $695 pesos PER COUPLE!  Advance reservation is required, along with a 50% deposit, so book your table now by calling (984)147-7925


Free Dessert at La Casa del Agua

Location: Playa del Carmen, 5th Avenue and Calle 2

Celebrate this romantic day with dinner for two at La Casa del Agua, one of Playa del Carmen's most beautiful and elegant restaurants. Dessert is on the house on February 14, and locals get a 20% discount.



Valentine's Brunch at Plank Gourmet Grill

Location: 16th Street between 1st and 5th Avenue

Begin a beautiful Valentine's Day with some great food thanks to the popular brunch at Plank Gourmet Grill and Patio Bar in the heart of Playa del Carmen. For the 14th, they'll be offering extended brunch hours from 9am to 3pm.

Dinner and a Mayan Ceremony at Zenzi Beach Club

Location: Playa del Carmen, Calle 10 and the beach

Begin the evening at 7:30pm with a spiritual Mayan ceremony on the beach. Then, enjoy a special romantic dinner ($1600 pesos per couple), the perfect way to "wow" that special someone. Make your reservations at (984)803-5738




Superbowl XLIX is coming up this Sunday, February 1!


You might be thinking, “But I’ll be in Playa del Carmen, so I probably won’t get to see it.” Well have no fear! Even here in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, we still know the value of Superbowl Sunday. Whether you’re cheering for the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots this year, you’re more than welcome to watch the 2015 Superbowl at any of the Playa del Carmen locations listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! Remember that the entire state of Quintana Roo (that’s us!) has to set our clocks forward 1 hour the night before the big game to make the big switch to our new time schedule. Kickoff is at 6:30 pm.


Wah Wah Beach Bar

Location: Calle 2 and the beach

One of our favorite Playa bars will have its usual 8 meter x 8 meter HD projection screen showing the big game, and they recommend you show up early to get a table. Wah Wah will have a big buffet with classic football snacks for $200 pesos. For all the info, join their Superbowl at Wah Wah event page on Facebook.



Zenzi Beach Club

Location: Calle 10 and the beach

In true Playa del Carmen style, Zenzi is setting up a projection screen so you can watch Superbowl XLIX right on the beach!



Indigo Beach Club

Location: Calle 14 and the beach

To celebrate the Superbowl like only Mexico can, Indigo is offering 2 for the price of 1 drink deals as well as some Superbowl specials, and showing the game on their big screen.



Sr. Dan's Margarita and Sports Bar

Location: By the ferry dock to Cozumel

Pick your favorite bar swing and watch the Superbowl on any of the 4 HDTVs at Sr. Dan's. This Playa del Carmen sports bar is a small venue and a great place to avoid big crowds so you won't be waiting too long for your beers. They're also selling Sr. Dan's Superbowl t-shirts for $200 pesos.



Señor Frog's

Location: By the ferry dock to Cozumel

This beachfront bar has 4 big screen TVs for watching the 2015 Superbowl, along with open bar deals. Enjoy the views and the fun vibe during the big game!



John Gray’s Kitchen

Location: Puerto Morelos, Av Niños Heroes SM2 M6 L14

For all our friends watching the game in Puerto Morelos. Pick your team and get a shot of tequila or a beer for every touchdown they score! And wear anything from your favorite football team (even if they’re not playing in the Superbowl) and you’ll get a tequila shot when you walk in the door. John Gray’s Superbowl party will also have halftime drawings and a special menu.



La Sirena Restaurant and Lounge

Location: On the main square in Puerto Morelos

As one of the most popular hangouts in Puerto Morelos, La Sirena of course will be celebrating Superbowl Sunday. They'll have 3 areas for watching the game, including a giant projection. And best of all, 10% of everything they sell during the Superbowl will go toward keeping local beaches clean.


Have you experienced the golf courses of the Riviera Maya lately?

Mexico golf course 

On Saturday January 24, 2015, the Grand Coral Golf Course is hosting a Nighttime Golf Tournament for all you golf-lovers out there. There will only be one category: Foursome a go go, with teams of 4 players with a maximum combined handicap of 76.


The sign-up cost is $2000 pesos per person, which includes the following:

  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and trophies for each player
  • Welcome kit
  • Participation in the tournament
  • Drinks and snacks on the course
  • Awards dinner (with food and drinks)
  • Participation in the raffle
  • Complimentary Green Fee at Grand Coral to be used on any day (valid for up to 1 year)

Inscriptions are open! Ask for your team’s sign-up form at: sales.golf@grandcoralproperty.com.mx

Playa del Carmen golf course 

Grand Coral is a beautiful 18-hole Riviera Maya golf course located in the northern area of Playa del Carmen. Designed by Nick Price, it has charming lakes and jungle surroundings so golfers can experience a memorable round of golf during their time in the Riviera Maya.

This spring is your chance to learn the art of teaching yoga in the stunning beach destination of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Arielle Thomas Newman is offering a 200-hour course running April 13 - May 9, 2015. You'll learn to teach both Vinyasa-Flow and Hatha Yoga classes, and the course is also aimed to provide you with the following skills and experiences:

- Learn how to design safe and enjoyable classes for all level

- Increase the clarity of your own yoga practice

- Experience different methods of meditation to develop inner calm

- Understand the anatomical foundation of essential yoga postures

- Receive helpful guidance throughout your practice yoga teaching

- Meet people from all over the world and enjoy Mexican culture


Visit the Yoga by the Sea website for more detailed information on Playa del Carmen accommodations and the course material.

Arielle has taught yoga for over 20 years, and she has trained many teachers who currently enjoy successful yoga teaching careers across the globe, in countries like the USA, Japan, China, Australia and Canada. Arielle is also a choreographer, former professional dancer and journalist.

The yoga teacher training course will be hosted by Yoga by the Sea, at a spacious yoga studio with amazing views of Playa del Carmen on the shaded rooftop terrace of Soho Playa Hotel. You can hold your space with a $500 deposit. The early-bird rate is only $1975 USD, and the price goes up to $2250 USD after March 1, 2015.

The city of Playa del Carmen provides a laid-back ambiance surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean, creating the perfect vibe for practicing outdoor yoga. During your time in this captivating city, you'll want to get out and explore all of the beaches and ancient Mayan ruins this destination has to offer.


Solidaridad's Director of Culture office has announced that renowned guitarist and composer Lelo de Larrea will be offering a Master Class in Playa del Carmen this Friday, January 9. The class will be held at Playa del Carmen's Centro Cultural, and funds will go toward purchasing hearing aids for local children.


This music workshop will last 4 and a half hours, and is designed for all musicians, whether you're a professional, an amateur or a fan. It's open to anyone interested in speaking with and learning from a musician who has recorded with artists such as Eugenio Toussaint, Enrique Nery, Agustin Bernal, Rey David Alejandre, Diego Maroto, Iraida Noriega, Big Band Jazz de Mexico, John Benitez, Antonio Hart, Michael Mossman, Thana Alexa, Chris Cheek, Steve Cardenas,  Jorge Roeder, Shai Maestro, Jarry Singla, Oscar Stagnaro, Americo Bellotto, Alex Kautz, Tyler Mitchell, Ricky Rodriguez, E.J Strickland,  Jorge Brauet, and many others.

Francisco Lelo de Larrea has also played on tours with famous singers and entertainers, including Alejandra Guzman (1996-98), Lila Downs (1999), Denisse de Kalafe (2000), Cristian Castro (2000), Ely Guerra (2000-05), "Hot & Sour, Sweet y Spicy" recording sesión (2004), USA Tour 2003 with Cafe Tacuba, Maldita Vecindad and Control Machete, Yuri (2001-04), Ricardo Montaner (2003), Alejandro Fernandez (2005-10) CD-DVD  "Mexico-Madrid, en directo y sin escalas" (2005), USA Tour "Juntos en concierto" 2005 and 2007  with Marc Anthony and Chayanne, Jalisco en vivo! (2009)  with Gloria Estefan, Vicente Fernandez, Paulina Rubio, Enrique Iglesias, Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Alex Syntek, Raul Diblassio, Eugenia Leon (2010) and more.


This musical master class with Francisco Lelo de Larrea has an affordable cost of $100 pesos per person, all of which will be donated to DIF Solidaridad to buy hearing aids that will help local boys and girls with hearing problems. The class runs from 12pm - 4:30pm this Friday January 9, 2015, so go ahead and reserve your spot at the Centro Cultural Playa del Carmen or by calling 873-2134 for more information.

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